WoT RU: Assembly Shop Tank + EU Assembly Shop Rumors

SU-122V (USSR, Tier-10, TD, clip for 4 shells, promotional)

Apparently, the information is confirmed and in the next “Assembly Shop” the SU-122V is waiting for us. For some time now, this screenshot from the Super Test has been circulating on the Internet, where testers merged the SU-122V in a license plate style.
In addition to this, we delved into the game files and our file called “R199_SU_122V_KL_3Dst”, this abbreviation clearly indicates that the number style will be for the SU-122V, which means it will be in the next “Assembly Shop”.
So, we are waiting at the end of February, accumulating resources.


Let us remind you that in this Assembly Shop the developers are testing an innovation. For the first time, it will be possible to invest “days of a tank premium account” by covering approximately ~20% of the cost of the tank.


On the EU server, there are 3 options. Although WOT Express currently lists the Object 452K as being for the upcoming Global Map Event participants, there could be surprises.

Object 452K (USSR, Tier-10, HT, reward)

The remaining 2 are simply Tier 10 reward tanks that were never released:

MBT-B (USA, Tier-10, HT, reward)

LKpz.70 K (Germany, Tier-10, LT, reward, mechanics: hydropneumatic suspension)

11 thoughts on “WoT RU: Assembly Shop Tank + EU Assembly Shop Rumors

  1. Hottake for eu:
    Obj 452k new top reward for 3rd personal mission campaign

    Lpz 70:
    Cw reward for the “new cw campaign”

    Assembly shop

    1. Object 452K is the only one that’s been finalized so it’ll likely be that. There should be a second Assembly Shop in the summer though, and that’s where MBT-B or Lkpz 70 could show up.

  2. Assembly shop tanks are a waste of resources given they have on average less than 100 battles on EU server. If someone is going to play 50 battles on a tank, then it’s not worth wasting so many in-game resources and possibly gold/money on assembly shop tanks. But FOMO is strong in this game that the numbered versions of a polished turd would be sold out in seconds. People spending/bidding 25K+ gold on tech tree reskins, that can’t even be played in all modes like the tech tree tanks, is probably even worse, and yet we have 20K whales on EU that would just keep throwing money at WG.

    1. If Tier 10 wasn’t such a shithole when it comes to balancing and economy there’d be reason to play these tanks a lot more.

    2. No, it is not.

      If you have everything in game. You have enough blueprints, credits and free xp to get them for free without spending any gold or euro.

  3. For EU/NA/ASIA it depends on how long it’ll be before the next assembly shop. If it’s going to be about the same time as RU’s, then yes those three are the available choices Wargaming could go with. But if it’s going to be several more months, that means tanks that haven’t finished supertesting yet could be available by then. And honestly, the Vickers MBT Mk. 3 seems like it’s got assembly shop written all over it.

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