WoT Supertest: Mannerheim Line Gameplay Changes

Part of the location along the shoreline has been redesigned to make gameplay in the main battle point more engaging. This section of the map has become clearer and more convenient, providing new opportunities for heavily armored tanks and TDs. Plus, the possibility of vehicles drowning on their way to the battle point has also been minimized. 

  1. The rocky ridgehas beenextended to changevehicles’ route to the battle point. Now they can be spotted, and some lines of fire have appeared.
  2. The zone near the shorehas beenredesigned to provide more gameplay opportunities for both teams. This entire area is now on the same level, allowing you to move and flank more easily.
  3. A massiverockwith trees on tophas been added to provide cover and to block the passage along the shoreline itself.
  4. Thissection of the map is now more convenient for gunplay and movement.
  5. Abush has been deleted to make attacking this spot easier.

6 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Mannerheim Line Gameplay Changes

  1. Finally! Spawning in the south side of this map in a heavy and fighting it’s way towards northern base has been a real pain in the a**. One had to choose between getting shot on the left side or tip toeing in a slippery slope risking the death by drowning which created a really uncomfortable gameplay experience.

    1. Do WG catering to useless heavy tank players like yourself once again.
      Why do they even make other tank classes anymore??

  2. I was finally waiting for this moment.
    WG effectively managed to ruin even the last decent map of this game.

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