Project CW: Patch – Tournament Preparation & Improvements

Chopper Updates
[R]’Air Gunship’
Ability removed due to broken gameplay.

Forward Speed: 54 ⇒ 46.8 km/h
Traverse Speed: 34.37 ⇒ 28.64°/sec

AN/VRC-64 (Slot#2) – ‘Air Gunship’ Duration: +15 seconds ⇒ Energy Regen.: +10%
AN/VRC-89 (Slot#3) – ‘Air Gunship’ Energy Cost: -10 ⇒ Spotting Angle: +15°
T158 (Slot #4) – Forward Speed: +5.4 ⇒ +1.8 km/h
IRUK (Slot #6) – Forward Speed: +5.4 ⇒ +1.8 km/h
AN/PAQ-3 MULE (Slot #6) – ‘Air Gunship’ Damage: +150 ⇒ Reticle Size (standing): -10%

As a preparation to the upcoming weekend tournament (January 27-28):
Implemented quality of life changes for Plant/Defuse:
Implemented UX improvements (players widget in battle that shows allies’ heroes and health, additional notifications in battle)
Correct spawn points on tab
Fixed switching between allies on the Death screen
Reduced the amount of Agents’ and Headquarters voice overs.
Platoon wipe medal added: defeat all 3 members from the same Platoon without dying.
The first tactical mission is available for replay in the game mode selection screen.

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