10 thoughts on “WoT EU Auction 2024 – Day 4: TL-7

    1. i actually enjoyed the isu 122 2 a lot more then i thought i was going to. already had the t22 which i do enjoy to troll reverse sidescraping

  1. Wow, what a letdown.

    Friendly warning – do NOT bid for this tank. It is an absolute joke even for the standards of Tier 9 premiums. If you want an American autoloader premium tank, wait for Astron REX.

  2. By now why do they even bother to offer lots for credits, just make every lot gold. At least everyone who doesn’t buy lootboxes knows they don’t have to bother with the auction that way.

  3. The most retard auction ever…tomorow they ll bring WZ Quillin for credtits, just another joke, maybe some will bite it

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