WoT: Season of the Crimson Pegasus: Mid-Season Update

Season of the Crimson Pegasus: Mid-Season Update

After the initial weeks following the season’s launch, we have implemented some minor adjustments to the mode settings with the goal of enhancing the overall gaming experience. These adjustments include:

  • An increase in the base number of Rating Points earned at the Iron and Bronze ranks.
  • Modifications to the role of Universal Light Tanks, encompassing:
    • A reduction in the number of prestige points earned.
    • A 20% increase per level in the charging speed of role skills.

5 thoughts on “WoT: Season of the Crimson Pegasus: Mid-Season Update

  1. the mode is trash now. They can change all they want while it’s still underway and I’m not playing it. Continually getting trash teams and bots. Game went trash enough to get me to finally post my account for sale. 64 tier X, all the CW reward tanks except VK72 and T95E6. 31 premium 8’s, 279e and chief with the account.

      1. 2.25€ and throw in a goat and you gotta deal. If I don’t like the goat, then you take back your used goat and give me the other 2.25€. Deal?

  2. “Increase the points for iron and bronze player”
    YEAH!!!! WOW!!!
    Now the entire red animals come to silver …. its so great! It would be “ok” if silver players would NEVER matched with players in gold/master/legend … but this is trash … now we have to play with these silver animals who are to dumb to understand how to play maps right and understand rotations. Chat ban is incoming SADGE!

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