WoT Monthly January 2024: Happy New Year!

It’s a brand-new year, and we’re ready to jump in with exciting events! But first, don’t miss your last chance to grab Large Boxes and use your Tokens from Festive Drops before they expire. We get January off to a rousing start with a brand-new Top of the Tree, followed by special offers and missions surrounding Franco-German friendship, a 15v15 Clan Showdown, Update 1.23.1, and a new season of Onslaught—and we’re just getting started!

Keep an eye on the portal for news about even more upcoming events and surprises throughout the month!

  • Top of the Tree
    January 5 through February 5

    Take advantage of credit discounts, missions, and offers, as well as two new Top of the Tree specials. Climb the Japanese Tech Tree line to the nation’s sleek XSTB-1 , or expand your collection of French light tanks all the way up to the XAMX 13 105

  • XP Fever Discounts
    January 19 through January 23

    Take advantage of an improved XP to Free XP exchange rate, and grab credit discounts on select Tech Tree and Collectors’ vehicles!

  • Franco-German Friendship Day
    January 22 through January 25

    This year marks the 61st anniversary of the Élysée Treaty. Signed by Germany and France, the agreement is a reconciliation between the two neighboring nations (adversaries in WWI and WWII) and promotes their cooperation and integration. To honor the event, we’ve got special missions, in-game offers for gold, and Twitch Drops.

  • 15v15 Clan Showdown Playoffs
    January 27 through January 28

    Don’t miss the 15v15 Clan Showdown playoffs! Tune-in live on Twitch and watch as the top teams compete for position, gold, and cash prizes. Drops will be enabled!

  • Update 1.23.1
    Coming in January

    Our first update of 2024 will include a new Tech Tree branch of Japanese heavy tanks as well as other changes. Want to get a taste of these vehicles now? The VIIIType 63 is one of the Tier VIII Premium vehicles you might find in Holiday Ops Large Boxes until January 8!

  • Onslaught: Season of the Crimson Pegasus
    Coming in January

    The second Season in the Year of the Pegasus is coming! Experience three new combat modifiers, three revamped maps, and the return of the in-game Store. Earn bonds for exclusive rewards, like the sharp-shooting X114 SP2 , rare Improved Equipment, and other cool items!

Ongoing Activities

  • Holiday Ops 2024: Last Call
    Until January 8

    There’s still time left to get in on the festive cheer and magical gifts! Max out your holiday spirit by getting even more presents for yourself and your friends from Large Boxes! In addition to guaranteed gold, they may contain brand-new Premium vehicles, 3D styles, and more.


  • Festive Token Store
    Until January 8

    Enjoy our special Twitch Drops campaigns and Token Store rewards by tuning in to your favorite content creators and official streams. Simply collect as many Tokens as possible and exchange them for valuable rewards of your choice, including the Panzer Claus 3D style for the XPz.Kpfw. VII , Premium vehicles, and more!


  • Prime Gaming: Approved by Vinnie
    Until January 17

    Claim the Approved by Vinnie package to receive a new 2D style and customization elements—all inspired by the FA Cup-winning actor. All this is topped with three days of WoT Premium Account, Experimental Equipment, and 200 resources of each type from Holiday Ops!


  • Well-Deserved Reward
    Until November 2024

    It’s time to accept your Well-Deserved Reward for years of service: A token of our gratitude for your unwavering dedication to the game, which grows stronger every year. The reward is available now and varies depending on the year you joined the game.


15 thoughts on “WoT Monthly January 2024: Happy New Year!

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      1. And what if i am known in the WeeGee forum?! I had five different accounts over all these years and thanks to idiota like you they got banned but i can always make more and rig more matches under the bolst conpany i work for!! And that [HR-K] clan can do nothing against me as they dont know i am using their clan as a frontend to hide so my account cant be banned again!!!

  1. Don’t worry kiddo, some membets of your clan already reported you to Wargaming’s Support and they are bow investigating your account and your Youtube one too.

    Also, can we know why some people on Reddit have screenshots where you insulted them and menaced their lives just because they made you fail some sort of match rigs in favor of your account? And why is your login and password data on a website called BugMeNot?

    1. They will do nothing as my company will protect me like always. I don’t care if this [HR-K] clan gets shutted down by WeeGee, other clans i have been like [HOPL] and [WEBO] went down too and i am still here.

      About that clan members they also have faulta on this. Look, i work on a boost service in order to get money, my YouTube channel doesn’t generate enough income so i just use it as a frontend. That Yanlord guy is aleays on and never answers so he must be a bot or sumthing. The LastEnquiry guy is just an idiot who i tricked so i can use his clan as a hide spot to keep working on my company and i don’t care if his clan gets down by my actions. That Juls911 and SteelTrasher guys discovered my plan so i made fake chat logs where they insult and menace me in order for WeeGee to block them for a while so they dont interfere and if i can trick that LastInquiry guy to ban them fron the clan even better, he should listen to me as i am a staff officer for a year and a half and that two guys are just regular members.

      About that BugMeNuts maybe a friend of mine leaked the password as we compete to get the maximum proficiency in the company and sometimes we ha e to sabotaje ones anothers u know.

      1. “Look, i work on a boost service in order to get my money, my YouTube channel doesn’t generate income…”

        skill issue dayo www. Not my fault I chose a bottom-tier job.

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    I’m a man aged 48 and live in the UK.

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