WoT 1.23.1 Common Test: Onlsaught’s Customizable 2D style

“Sky Steed (Scarlet)” for the competitive Onslaught mode. [Season 2: Scarlet Pegasus, Winter 2024]
The fourth customizable 2D style, which has a progressive type in 6 stages. When setting up, you can select any stage of camouflage (given for ranks) and add any emblem from those earned during the event.

An all-season style that can be unlocked and obtained in Onslaught mode.

🥕Add. description:
Identical to last season.

This is a custom style. Those. Some preset style elements can be changed.
The following style settings are available to choose from: camouflage (6 pcs.), emblem (15 pcs.) and inscription (8 pcs.). You can get camouflages by moving up the ranks, and decals by completing different missions in the mode.

Available items:
757 – Iron (Default)
758 – Bronze
759 – Silver
760 – Gold
761 – Champion
762 – Legend

Non-historical. Group: Special. Suitable for equipment of any nation and level. Those. price: 1200 gold. ID: 855.

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