WoT RU: Erich Konzept I Detailed Stats

For testing by supertesters, the Tier X medium tank Erich Konzept I has been added:

  • Average damage 750/750/950.

  • Average armor penetration 254/320/76 mm.

  • Projectile flight speed 980/940/940 m/s.

  • Reload time 19 s.

  • Aiming time 3 s.

  • Accuracy at 100 m: 0.4

  • Gun elevation/depression: -12/12.

  • Armor-piercing/HEAT/high-explosive shells.
  • Ammunition 48 pcs.

  • Max. speed/reverse 70/25 km/h.

  • Engine power 1470 hp.

  • Specific power 31.3 hp/t.

  • The chassis turning speed is 32 degrees/s.

  • The turret rotation speed is 30 degrees/s.

  • Durability 1950 HP.

  • Hull armor 70/65/30 mm.

  • Turret armor 70/60/30 mm.

  • View range 400 m.

  • Communication range 750 m.

  • Camo in motion (%) 9.18/1.24.

  • Stationary vehicle camo (%) 12.26/1.65.

  • Crew: commander (radio operator), gunner (loader), driver.

12 thoughts on “WoT RU: Erich Konzept I Detailed Stats

  1. just compare this to BZ176 – two tiers higher and way less armor. on the other hand extremley fast.

    looks like a ultra fast glass cannon but with bad gun handling – what a bad idea for a tank.

    lets see, what the price will be or how to get it.

    1. Unlike BZ this thing needs skill to do well with, but it might be even worse than BZ since good player have no need for armor and can use mobility to drop those 750 alpha bombs up anyone’s ass.

  2. A little note to everyone above me (and below me) in the comments – this is RU region, 99% not coming at all to WoT EU/NA/Asia.

    About the tank – looks extremely unique and interesting. Sadly, only RU region, as I said. The looks of it remind me of KPz 07 RH, who ate too much on Christmas and New Year.

    The stats speak for themselves – basically E100’s top gun with -12 deg of depression in an ultra fast glass shell with fabulous power to weight. Truly a unique vehicle! Though, who knows, WG might one day add it for us, as well.

    1. Aesthetically it resembles the “Turm III”, a premium tank in War Thunder. The difference is the gun – Turm gets a 105mm, this gets a 15cm.

    2. Like the Type 59 Gold haven’t come from the totally separate chinese server? And that was a corntorversy in itsef there with it’s 160k golt price.

      This on the other hand has nothing that would prevent it’s appearance on the EU server.

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