WoT Cut Content: Multi Turreted French Super Heavy Tanks

Previously, the FCM 2C was supposed to be part of the Multi Turreted tank branch of France. Old screenshots of the tank were shown at the beginning after the release of World of Tanks. For a long time, nothing was known about them, and in October 2017, on Halloween, the “Leviathan’s Invasion” mode was released, where you could test out the Stein tank with a multi-turret mechanic.

Also, at least we knew of other tanks of a possible French branch:

• AMX Tracteur C
• FCM 1A
• FCM 2C bis
The icons of these tanks were merged at different times of the game’s existence.

3 thoughts on “WoT Cut Content: Multi Turreted French Super Heavy Tanks

  1. Most of these tanks secondary turret is only armed with a machine gun which will be of little use against armored vehicles. Still The FCM F1 sub turret equipped with the 47mm gun could still be of use.

  2. Prefer WG waste their time on more and bigger maps or another permanent game mode as
    I have enough tanks already that I don’t play. Over 10 year old game with one mode wtf

  3. I would love it if WG bring this branch and mechanic to the game, it will clear the path for many multi-turret designes across many nations! I hope this won’t be a stand-alone tank!

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