WoT 1.23.1 Common Test: Nemesis In-Game Screenshots & Historical Reference

Nemesis (Great Britain, Tier-8, HT, promotional)

Historical Reference
In the 1960s, British engineers were developing a mobile tank in collaboration with German and American companies. Some foreign components were used: a power unit,
suspension, and several other elements. At the same time, some concepts and elements of the Chieftain were also adopted. It was supposed to be armed with a 110 mm gun and a 25 mm automatic twin gun. The vehicle was designated Nemesis. Compared to the heavier Chieftain, the vehicle was supposed to be much faster and bore some similarities to German projects of the late ’60s and early ’70s. The Nemesis project existed only in blueprints and in one prototype.

9 thoughts on “WoT 1.23.1 Common Test: Nemesis In-Game Screenshots & Historical Reference

  1. 999 being 666 upside down being the number of the beast is not offensive? As is the use of the word Bastard? And the tank was called Nemesis. Do you even know what that word means? I think not.

    Just another troll under the bridge…..

  2. The historical reference is total bullshit.

    The tank was a design created as a project by the officers on the Long Armour course as part of the School of Tank Technology in the UK.

    The alleged prototype was nothing more than a 1/24th scale model. The model is still at Bovington Tank Museum.

    Here is the youtube clip of Nemesis of Wargamings UK researcher;


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