WoT 1.23.1 Common Test: “Highlander” 3D Style for 116-F3

For the 2024 WoT Winter Clan Wars Event.
• Unique marks

Highlander –
“And I have always loved mountains. Even in civilian life, I dreamed of being on a snow-covered ridge, seeing nature that would take your breath away, and feeling the taste of freedom. Apparently, it’s not for nothing that they say: “Be afraid of what you wish for.” It is, of course, good, beautiful, and this time the command did not let us down with the equipment… But who knew that the acute stage of mountain sickness would make itself felt on the first climb! Of course, you won’t find pills for this here. All hope lies in analgesics. Yesterday, for example, I was refueling our car, but I was thinking to myself how long I’ll last. The lieutenant says we won’t be at this altitude for long. But where next: up or down? That’s it.”

Historical. Group: Special. Those. price: 3000 gold. Maximum per account: 1. Only for tank: 116-F3. ID: 852.

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