WoT: Winter Auction 2024 Leaks

We expect such a WoT auction in February 2024.
It will contain both new tanks (being tested right now at the super test) and old ones, which have a special status in the community.

And, perhaps, the main question is: will there be a BZ-176 at the auction? This is unknown for the current month. We are inclined to think that the Chinese imba will still appear at auction as a lot. Expensive, but reasonably priced (minimal).
The purpose of such activity is quite simple and is already known to everyone: to wash excess gold from the players.

source: WOT Express donators only article

33 thoughts on “WoT: Winter Auction 2024 Leaks

  1. Well, if WG will sell BZ-176 via auction, why wouldn’t they sell EBR 75 FL 10 as well? It makes no sense to bring BZ back again without bringing EBR beforehand, as both tanks are equally contorversial!

  2. This site should stop spreading news for RU wot or atleast divide it somehow. At this point all you are achieving is missleading the EU playerbase because the BZ-176 obviously isnt coming in an auction on the EU/NA servers.

      1. Armor Patrol should really stop misleading people information and russia sources that from Russians…based on recent behavior into World of Tanks games

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    1. Well its a leak for the EU section based on the origin source. Russian language used doesn’t mean automatically that it is LESTA related.

  3. wow what a leak, an auction at the time of the year when there is always an auction event? wow who would have thought. Also including the bz in every single event post is getting old, if you are butthurt because they are not selling it anymore its ok but you dont need to include it every time

  4. What’s with the racist ‘pakis’ slang man?? If you are Gruff from official WOT forums, I am quite disappointed man. I always liked your takes there and never thought you to be some narrow minded racist who hates brown people.

    1. No that’s not the actual Gruff, someone using the name to troll like other names that are copied from the forum here, you can always pm him on the official forum or the Dingers discord to ask check

  5. Hardly a leak when the text says “will BZ-176 be sold in the auction? who knows” which is the same kind of wondering people have been doing about EBR 75.

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