WoT: Update 1.23.1 Leaks

The update will be released in mid-January 2024. This is the first patch of the year. Here is the expected list of features.
List of changes in the release(!) of patch 1.23.1
* IMPORTANT: this is a list of what was originally planned and what will be on the RELEASE version (update). We write this so that you can see what comes from features and what

It’s completely cut out and won’t come out in the end. This is very important in that
number for us and for understanding.
– Japanese TT branch (6 tanks) led by Toure 71
– Frontline 2023/2024: 4th launch (New scenario) – Steel Hunter (revisions)
– Onslaught, season 2: Scarlet Pegasus (everything is already known about him)
– Winter Auction 2024 [to be launched later]
– Chinese New Year [will be launched later, not for all regions]
– Winter event for GC 2024 [customization]
– Other

source: WOT Express donators only article

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  1. Thank you for another horrible translation from ruZZian source. Too bad that we do not have European developers working on the game.

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