WoT: Svitman’s EBR Racing Spectacle – Contributors, Start Your Engines!

Get ready for the heart-pounding rush of wheels tearing through the battlefield in the first edition of Svitman’s Contributor EBR Race tournament—live on Twitch! This adrenaline-fueled racing competition will pit some of your favorite Contributors against each other in an epic fun event with incredibly high stakes: ultimate bragging rights!

Who will push their XPanhard EBR 105 to the limit, potentially break the sound barrier, and leave the competition in the dust? Tune in to find out and collect a sweet Mystery Twitch Drop with a chance to catch the VIM4A1 FL 10 !

Svitman’s EBR Race Tournament

EBR Racing events (or just “Racing,” as it was called back then) started at the beginning of 2020 together with TacticalNuke as a community project. Over the first few iterations, Svitman and TacticalNuke contributed to development and design, and their collaboration culminated in the big race in the fall of 2021. After that, Svitman remained the sole organizer of the events, with usually three race events per year, each consisting of two days of qualifying, one day for the semifinals, and the finals on the fourth day of racing.

Stay tuned for the start of 2024, which will kick off the 3rd Edition of the EBR League, where the top 20 racers compete for a money prize pool raised by the community, as well as more regular racing events in the early spring!

Racer Profiles and Twitch Drops

Meet the star-studded lineup of racers in Svitman‘s first Contributor EBR Race tournament, with seasoned drivers like Dakillzor and Monsteryoo and rising stars like DezGamez and kajzoo.

Each racer will bring a unique flair to the track, pushing their need for speed to the limit. Tune in to the official World of Tanks channel for expert commentary from Keyhand and Moff, or watch your favorite racer’s path to victory on their own Twitch streams.

Heart-stopping action and exclusive Twitch Drops are guaranteed!



Dakillzor EN An experienced racer who says he can beat Monsteryoo and has never flipped an EBR in his entire racing career.
DezGamez EN We would never know what’s under the hood! But DezGamez’s EBR driving skills have never been tested!
Fr3ddy DE He has flipped too many EBRs, but Fr3ddy’s pit crew said that this time, they reinforced the chassis to avoid any lethal explosions!
jXcr ES From a young age, our Spanish matador expressed his love for hot rods and programming! (Go figure…)
kajzoo EN His map guides might come in useful, but let’s put that to the test when he gets behind the wheel for the first time!
KamilEater PL He says he can beat Dakillzor and Monsteryoo even with two wheels broken on his EBR.
marty_vole CZ He claims he once overtook a custom turbocharged EBR 105 with his Škoda T 27! But that’s just his Czech bias speaking!
Monsteryoo PL Some say he would win the race blindfolded while driving in reverse! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Daki who?
Mouzakrobat DE Mouzakrobat wanted to use his 2023 modified convertible Tiger I—the finest in German engineering.
MrScheff HU The whole Hungarian community has put their hopes and dreams in Scheff! No pressure, no pressure!
Orzanel EN A real Romanian petrol-head, but will he be able to handle the EBR around tight corners?
QuickyBaby EN Hamilton’s days are gone, he said. It’s time to put a new British driver on the scene.
Skill4ltu EN The last time he rated his EBR skills, it was a banana out of 10! Drivers, be wary!
Mystery Twitch Drop

Available on 2023-12-07 from 17:00:00 through 21:00:00 (UTC)

After 180 minutes, one of the following:

  •  5 Large Repair Kits
  •  5 Large First Aid Kits
  •  5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers


Discord Prediction Game

Join the World of Tanks community on Discord for an exclusive prediction game. Head to the #ebr-race channel and predict who will take home the victory for a chance to win sweet rewards!

Discord is the place to connect with fellow racing enthusiasts, join lively discussions with other commanders, and share your insights on everything World of Tanks.


New “Hot Rod” 3D Style

Do you want to feel like a true EBR racer yourself? This year’s Large Holiday Ops Boxes include an exclusive chance to get your hands on the brand-new “Hot Rod” 3D Style for the XPanhard EBR 105 !

Give your wheeled warrior an edgy, high-speed look that screams style and speed. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to amp up your EBR’s aesthetics and show off your racing spirit on the battlefield.


Don’t miss the roaring engines, screeching tires, and fierce competition in Svitman’s EBR Race tournament. It’s not just a race; it’s an experience that combines the thrill of World of Tanks with the speed of the French wheeled vehicles. May the fastest Contributor win!

Roll Out—Fast!

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