WoT: We Want You – Apply to the Supertest Program

World of Tanks needs your help to get even better!

The Supertest program, a vital part of the development process, seeks new participants. Supertesters are among the first to try out new features, roll out in upcoming vehicles, put improvements on trial, and provide critical feedback on planned changes. It is a closed test limited to a fixed number of selected players that meet certain requirements.

Apply to Be a Supertester

Not everybody has what it takes to become a Supertester. Potential Supertesters must submit an application form and will only be considered if they meet all necessary requirements. Please consider your application carefully, as being an active member of the Supertest program requires time and dedication.


  • 18+ years old
  • Able to speak and read English
  • Active Wargaming.net account registered on the EU server
  • Available to attend Supertests at least 3–4 times per week for the duration of the entire test session (for 2+ hours)
  • Have 100+ GB of free hard drive space for test clients
  • Played 5,000+ battles, of which at least 500 were in Tier X vehicles
  • Have close to a 50% overall win rate
  • Access to Discord (mandatory)
  • Access to TeamSpeak3 (mandatory)
  • Sign and comply with an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • Participate regularly in tests of vehicles, maps, and other changes
  • Find and report bugs to the Quality Assurance team
  • Provide descriptions of your observations, impressions, and opinions via mandatory feedback forms

If you meet all the listed requirements and want to become a Supertester, please complete the application form.


The Supertester recruitment phase is open-ended. Should you have any questions about the Supertest requirements or anything related to the Supertest, feel free to reach out via the dedicated Supertest Discord channel (in English only) or the forum.

We’re looking forward to your submissions, and if you’re interested in our various other World of Tanks tests, check out our Test Guide.

Roll Out!

12 thoughts on “WoT: We Want You – Apply to the Supertest Program

  1. 2000 euro per month and yes
    other wise you cand suck it

    only morons and idiots will join
    or the “please feed me sir” slaves
    fuck wargaming

      1. In most countries you get paid if you if you sign a NDA and work 8+ hours a week for any company. Not in WoTLand.

  2. Work for free under a strict contract just so anything you come up with gets ignored anyways lol amazing

  3. Played 5,000+ battles, of which at least 500 were in Tier X vehicles
    Have close to a 50% overall win rate

    These two rules are ignored then fun the useless cúnts I’ve seen testing vehicles

    1. Maybe if you tried harder and actually understood the game and won battles you might actually improve than your 46% 😮

  4. ah yes, i used to be a supertester. do about 4 hours of absolutely free labour, test, save replays, upload them in the rquired way, do screenshots, the tests are done in unreal environments, like no premium ammo or no premium consumables, new meta tanks fight against is7s and stuff.
    the only thing you get out of it, it you do enough tests, way more than sou should, you can get some tanks for free, gold, and a t-44-122, and can play the tested tanks in randoms, under specific rules.
    this is a paid job in normal companies, but not with wargaming haha

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