WoT Cut Content: Kill Cam

It turns out that the developers could not implement this mod.
Very difficult, goodbye.

Recall that this feature was originally supposed to be released in the summer of 2023.

11 thoughts on “WoT Cut Content: Kill Cam

  1. As long as there are loot crates and the braindead hordes falling for them, there is no need for any improvements and/or new features.

  2. Why would you want a kill cam anyways? Kill cam adds little to the game, so no one should really be upset that they cut it to focus on other more interesting things they’re working on.

    1. Anyone saying its useless didnt put a tought into it. Kill cam makes you learn where you are aimed at, what did enemy saw of your armor and how can you avoid it next time. The more you could see killshots the more you would learn from it. Saying its useless is stupid. Its actually very beneficial and needed, and i dont know why does wg has issues with such primitive features, alongside with armor and module inspector.

      1. I mean if you need a kill cam to tell you that you overpeaked instead of just going “yeah I was exposing myself too much” then I’m sorry but you’re kinda dumb. Only time a kill cam is “useful” is when someone pulls some tiny little near impossible pixel shot on the mantlet or something, and all that’ll do for most people is make them mad.

        Also thought, not tought, and use tanks.gg if you wanna learn armor models, it’s way better than anything wg could hope to put out.

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