WoT: Holiday Ops 2024 – New Vehicles & Cool 3D Styles

New Vehicles With Various Playstyles

Among the five high-tier vehicles that may drop from Large Boxes, there’s one TD, one wheeled medium tank, and three heavies. Each of the latter plays in its own distinct manner.

  • NEW
    The Tiger-Maus is a typical German Tier IX superheavy with a rear turret. It is massive, with great protection and a classic German gun, and it’s made for steamrolling the opposition. If you aren’t familiar with the gameplay of tanks in the Maus branch, you can get a taste of it in the Tiger-Maus. If you are, you’ll feel at home in this Premium vehicle.

  • NEW
    The Object 752 is a largely non-typical Soviet Tier IX heavy, with an autoloader gun in an oscillating turret. When it pops out its three rounds in quick succession, there’s a good chance that its compact size and complex armor configuration will help it dodge or negate incoming enemy shells.

  • NEW
    The Type 63 is a Japanese Tier VIII heavy that predates a coming vehicle branch with a new mechanic: its gun cools down after a shot, so if you don’t take the next one right after you reload, the accuracy will increase. This tank also features a hydropneumatic suspension which makes it shine in terrain-based play.

  • NEW
    The XM66F is a proverbial American Tier VIII assault tank destroyer which is ideal for hull-down play. It has thick frontal turret armor, and its devastating gun has a good maximum depression angle. Take into consideration that its turret rotation is limited though, so don’t stray away from your allies when playing in this vehicle.

  • The 
    GSOR 1010 FB is your chance to try out the gameplay of British wheeled medium tanks before researching the branch. This vehicle has a top speed of 60 km/h and a very precise gun which is quick to aim. All this helps it excel as mobile fire support, attacking enemies from where they least expect it.

You may also get some of the following Tier II through V vehicles for your collection (and for fun low-tier mayhem):

  • NEW The ARMT
  • NEW The M24 Chaffee No. 594
  • NEW The IT-3
  • NEW The А7Е3
  • NEW The Vickers 6 ton

Cool 3D Styles for Tier IX and X Vehicles

A surprise gift from a Large Box may also come in the form of a brand-new 3D style* for one of five select Tier IX or X vehicles:

20 thoughts on “WoT: Holiday Ops 2024 – New Vehicles & Cool 3D Styles

  1. No pay to win
    no money
    you realeased BZ 176
    no equivalent
    sorry no money
    cya bitches

      1. I don’t like E 75 style. It’s just too much for me with that frame around turret. Phase, however, has that ’50s Sci-Fi vibe, that’s what I like. I think it would look ugly on any other tank.

        1. Yeah, that retrofuturist skin is growing on me, and suits the tank well, with it’s double tracks and all (still a bit annoyed that WG didn’t give the tank a special ability to account for those), but I played with ahistorical elements off, so I won’t see it (except maybe on my own tank, because for reasons that’s how it “works”)

          I like the E75 one, O take it will be classed as historical?

          The hot rod is hilarious.

          The cobra is… ok I guess? The GW I don’t care a fig about, because it’s an arty.

          1. That’s what I thought about the tracks. Why shouldn’t tanks with double tracks get the same mechanics as Yoh tanks? Wouldn’t it be hilarious for tier VIII to see T95 steamrolling toward him, unable to stop him? 😀

            As for skins… I too would prefer the most to have historical ones, that’s why I like this one for arty the most, but I don’t know if some tank squads in history had their distinctive paints. Maybe if WG invents new ones, but keeps them in line with overall concept? For example, “Swallow” style for Obj. 140 is fictional, but fits overall feel, doesn’t stick out too much.

    1. I hope they nerf BZ 176 as a precedence that they care about their game balance and I say this as an owner of one.

    2. Trash comment from a trash troll who hides behind other people’s usernames.

      No wonder WG cannot balance their game when they cannot win no matter what they do – kids want OP tanks but then whine OP tanks exist (cause if they face them and are not the ones driving them, they are bad tanks).

      1. I have the BZ, but I don’t play it. I like to write this, just to spite the people who don’t have it and keep complaining that they want it.
        GG Wargaming

        1. I have BZ and I barely play it because performance goes down too much without gold ammo, and when I play a premium tank I want to make credits, not lose them.

  2. That tier 5 ARMT is hilarious. 15 degrees of depression and SIXTY degrees of elevation with a three round auto loader.

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