WoT: Get Large Boxes With New Premium Vehicles, Unique 3D Styles, and Much More!

Holiday Ops 2024 brings a festive mood and wonderful gifts. Max out your holiday spirit by getting even more presents for yourself and your friends from Large Boxes! On top of guaranteed gold, they may contain brand-new Premium vehicles, 3D styles, and more. Scroll down for details!

Large Boxes 2024

December 1 at 7:00 CET through January 8 at 7:00 CET (UTC+1)

Large Boxes: A Peek Inside

Every Large Box is guaranteed to hold:

  • 250 gold
  • BONUS 150 random Holiday Ops resources
  • BONUS 50 of a resource depending on the box type
New Year  Rock Crystal
Christmas  Pure Emerald
Lunar  Warm Amber
Magic  Meteoric Iron
Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald are used to increase the Festive Atmosphere Level, while Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron are needed to complete Assignments From Vinnie and Redshire Cat’s Assignments.

250 gold already makes a Large Box completely worth its value, but every box will also drop a bonus surprise gift from the list below:

  • 1, 3, or 7 days of WoT Premium Account
  • 250 gold , 500 gold , or 1,000 gold (on top of the default 250 )
  • 100,000 credits or 500,000 credits
  • A Tier VIII or IX Premium vehicle (with a Garage slot)
  • A Tier II–V Premium vehicle (with a Garage slot)
  • Brand-new 3D style exclusive to a set of select Tier IX and X vehicles
  • A 3D style from last year’s Large Boxes
  • Redshire Сat with additional assignments for even more rewards
  • Unique standard decorations that never repeat

You can gift Large Boxes to your friends. Treat them to some unexpected presents and make their holidays memorable!

Redshire Сat’s Assignments

The Redshire Cat may jump out of a Large Box and take up residence in your Village’s Headquarters.

This returning Holiday Ops character gives you three additional assignments. They can be completed with Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron for the following respective rewards:

  • A claw-made inscription
  • A feline decal
  • A paw-some 2D style

Unique Standard Decorations

This year, Large Boxes can also drop unique standard decorations which will never repeat and will be unobtainable otherwise. Some of these decorations will be brand-new, some will have unique effects, and some will enable you to change the base color of your Christmas Tree. The palette will include five additional colors!

Guaranteed Vehicle Mechanics

Large Boxes have guaranteed vehicle mechanics for Tier VIII and IX Premium vehicles. If you open 49 boxes without one dropping such a vehicle, then when you open the 50th box you will receive a random Tier VIII or IX Premium vehicle from the list below that you don’t already own. After that, the counter is reset.

Keeping Track of Presents Received

All items that dropped from the Large Boxes you opened will be displayed on a special screen in the game client so you can easily keep track of the presents you’ve received.


As soon as you have all the vehicles from Large Boxes on your account, you will be compensated in gold for the value of each subsequent dropped vehicle according to the standard rules.


Tiger-Maus 13,000 gold
Object 752 13,000 gold
Type 63 HT 9,800 gold
XM66F 8,600 gold
GSOR 1010 FB 8,850 gold
ARMT 1,500 gold
M24 No. 594 1,400 gold
IT-3 1,000 gold
А7Е3 500 gold
Vickers 6 ton 500 gold

Unopened Large Boxes

If there are unopened Large Boxes on your account at the end of the event, they will be opened automatically*. Any Large Boxes sent by you but not opened by their recipients will also be returned to your account and opened automatically.

If Large Boxes are opened automatically at the end of the event, items related to event-specific mechanics (resources, decorations, Redshire Cat) will not be added to your account.

Grab some Large Boxes, open them, and celebrate!

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