Going From CS:GO to CS2: How You Need to Adapt (P)

After the recent release of CS2, the players who had been grinding for over a decade on CS:GO is now faced with the uncertain and unfamiliar prospect of a new game; while some things are the same, there are a bunch of new changes from skins to the ones that can pose as challenges for the CS:GO expert.

We’ve broken down the most prominent changes and presented some pointers on how you can adapt your gameplay – whether you want to learn the new changes to find the best CS2 betting odds or level up your game and get the highest rank possible, it is a must for all Counter-Strike fans. As we go into 2024, expect to see the biggest eSports CS2 competitions where even the absolute best at the game will have to adapt and transition over to this new game. Here are the most significant changes and how you can adapt in CS2:

Get Used to The New Game Engine

The transition to the Source 2 engine brings a better level of graphics and a more detailed and realistic gaming environment. If you have played on the new map pool in CS2, maps like Inferno, Dust 2, and more all look much more detailed. The lighting, textures, and even the way you can spot enemies have all changed – you should be aware of things like shadows, noises, and angles if you want to avoid being spotted easily on CS2.

Another tip would be to get ahead of the game when it comes to new community maps – there are a host of innovative and creative map makers who will jump on the Source 2 engine and build some incredible maps that help you develop strategies and tactics. things like refining smoke and molotovs as well as all utility usage.

Be More Precise With Server Tick Rate

The CS2’s sub-tick server change is incredibly significant as the game moves on from the old 64-tick servers of CS:GO. This means that players will have to be even more precise with their timings, especially for things like movement and shooting. A sub-tick server rate means players will enjoy a more fluid and smooth gaming experience, but if you are not accustomed to the heightened level of server feedback, you could quite literally be a step behind your enemies.

Premier Mode and a New Ranking System

A big downer on CS:GO was always the competitive ranking system, the way it was manipulated or exploited by cheaters, and the fact that many players opted for the FaceIT competitive servers in order to play and get a rank. This was clearly seen by Valve, who have made a huge effort to bring players back to its own servers using a new ‘Premier Mode’ ranking system which has a chess-like Elo system. You now have a numerical ranking system, and the way you can get paired with teammates is far different to the system on CS:GO.

Learn The New Maps

As we mentioned when talking about the engine upgrades, the maps are all far different from what they were on CS:GO. The graphical and visual upgrades have also had some small, nuanced changes to the layout. Players will need to go through and learn these slight yet significant changes. A good example could be Inferno, where the ‘middle’ was compact and tight, yet now the entrance to site A through the middle is huge. This leads to the learning of new angles, smokes, and entry options on all the maps.

New Smokes and Utility Usage

Another point we touched on briefly but cannot go unmentioned in more detail is the way smokes and other utility works on CS2. The way smokes work now, which is a hyper-realistic volume-focused way, leads to a new way of using smoke grenades. You can now engulf sections of the map with smoke, or you can alternatively clear them with gunfire or HE grenades. The way you smoke parts of the map or try to create one-ways has changed indefinitely, but with the smokes being more interactive, you now have a vast array of ways you can use them.

No More Misclick Economy Mistakes

The new menu and the way you can buy is different from CS:GO, with the ability to get your items refunded being a huge plus point. You can now enjoy a more UI-friendly menu and have more situational awareness for your loadout before every round.

Short Rounds and More Overtime

The new ‘MR12’ system has dramatically changed the time frame and intensity of CS games. Players need to be prepared for halves that are far shorter, games that are much closer and a lot more overtime. This could lead to a new way of managing your team’s economy as each round becomes far more decisive to the overall result of the game.

Keep Learning with CS2

A good CS player has a particular trait that has them always learning the ‘new’ thing, whether it is a smoke, an entry tactic, a way of using a weapon, or how you operate within a team. This attitude will only lead you to success on CS2, so embrace it now more than ever. The game will have a learning curve that is steep as it fleshes out with each update, but continuous learning, practice, and gaming will help you get ready for the next era of Counter-Strike.

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