WoT RU: WZ-113-II On Sale For The First Time


The “dragon” can’t complain about its armor: 120 mm in the front of the hull and 240 mm in the turret. And don’t forget about the proprietary Chinese (or Soviet) rational booking angles. With them, all-round protection becomes even more impressive.


As a continuation of the traditions of Chinese tank building VIIIWZ-113-II in addition to the armor, it received a decent speed – 48 km/h. You won’t be late for the fun and excitement.


And good stabilization will help you remain as efficient as possible even at speed.

Tank performance characteristics

The characteristics are indicated for a vehicle with a 100% trained crew, excluding the commander’s bonus . Some characteristics can be improved with the help of a commander bonus, crew skills and abilities, as well as special in-game items.

WZ-113-II Screenshots

6 thoughts on “WoT RU: WZ-113-II On Sale For The First Time

    1. uhm, no. it is basically a 112 (similar hull, but minimal worse angles) and way worse gun depression (-4° really will be a pain in the a**). the gun seems okay (handling like Tiger II), but not broken.

      but it’s not EU, so I don’t bother anyway …

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