Free Gold, EXP, and Premium Days Through World of Warplanes

source: reddit post shared by u/SmallAl

Aside from the daily missions that can get you gold as covered in this thread, World of Warplane’s 10 year anniversary is currently active:

The event has 3 easy missions, which I completed in 4 hours – it got me:

  • Free experience: 22500

  • Wargaming Premium Days: 48

  • Gold: 3800

  • Premium planes: 4

  • Trained Crew: 2

The gold and free experience is usable in World of Tanks. The Wargaming Premium Days are different from the WOT premium days, but are still useful in World of Tanks – while you lose on the weekly credit reserve and the 3x daily multiplier as well as the bonds mission, you still get the 50% XP and credit multiplier.

Overall, very nice rewards for 4 hours of gameplay! The missions are still available for 4 more days as of this post I believe.

11 thoughts on “Free Gold, EXP, and Premium Days Through World of Warplanes

  1. I would not call the missions easy unless you?have played before. Thank you for the heads-up, I will try to get them done on Monday, today I am trying to finish Frontline.

    1. Took me 4-5 hours, finished two out of three missions, I only got one win with 10k score in the whole time, also took me about 2 hours to remember how to play properly.

      Those two missions meant I got half of the loot boxes, I got 14 days of WG premium and 750 gold, plus I completed some other career mission and I got 350 gold and a tier 5 premium plane.

      Also I elited my first tier 5 and got it to full purple equipment, hopefully it will be easier next time I play.
      For now, that’s enough of WOWP for me, I only wish I had more time to play it, it is not a bad game, but I still prefer WOT.

  2. I would rather pay for the gold. Game is atrocious. And once you hit tier V you will hit the tryharders that play in their op tier VI premiums. The UI is terrible, the gameplay is boring AF. Not worth the time. One of the missions needs you to do 10k xp which you will have to sweat your ass to get that much, especially against those try harder elites. Wasted a lot of free xp to get to tier V for nothing, my advice if you want to torture yourself: get the P-38 in the USA heavy fighter, its pretty good.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Despite playing one daily game of wot for the weekly crate, I had neglected to check what the issue
    Played 2 hours yesterday, finished the 1st and easiest (100k points) of the 3 mission, which netted me 1130 gold. The other 2 are 60 % finished, should have time to finish them tonight while also doing the WoT daily missions.

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