WoT: 2nd Holiday Ops 2024 Leak

Type 63
 (Japan, Tier-8, HT, premium, automatic hydropneumatic suspension, gun cooling) is the second new premium tank according to WOT Express for the Holiday Ops 2024 Event.

16 thoughts on “WoT: 2nd Holiday Ops 2024 Leak

  1. not spending a dime for the first time in 12years of playin. Gimmee back my waffle and maybe I’d think about spending 5 bux.

    1. So what do you want, Mr. Whine-whine? Another BZ-176 and Iron Arnie (or Skoda T56), which redefined the definition of OP at tier 8?
      I think these new tanks are unique and interesting to spend money on boxes, if you are up to spend money on WoT. I’m F2P, so I would buy nothing, but saying, that the new tanks are complete trash, is stupid.

      1. So far the boxes are fine. Tiger-Maus will be a nightmare to face as a Tier 8 or Tier 7, and Type 63 is pretty much invincible hull-down unless someone shoots at the upper plate with HEAT.

        In comparison BZ-176 (which I have) is just unfun – it’s bad without gold ammo, and broken OP with it, no middle ground. Also good luck doing anything with BZ in a full uptier.

          1. Very possible, GG on that. But you need to be lucky for that. The BZ lacks pen at full uptiers and its turret armor wont hold. I fully agree with pihip it has no middle ground. Its broken OP with its gold unless against tier X. Its a confusing tank.

    2. I’m buying everything for Christmas, bc Boxes are the best invest for the whole Year.
      And then after Christmas i’ll spend no money at all until next Christmas and that works perfect all these past Years already.

      1. I agree – if you will ever spend money on WoT, it has to be during Holiday Ops – it’s the best bank for your buck – the ammount of gold, prem. time, pers. reserves and tanks (old and new) is just worth it for the ammount of money you put in.

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