WoT: Well Deserved Reward 2023 – Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F2

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F2(Germany, Tier-5, MT, promotional)
People who have been in the game for 4 years or more (date of account registration) will receive the new tank.
The start of the”Well Deserved Reward 2023″ is expected at the very end of November. There will traditionally be other pleasant rewards for each year.

Changes relative to the first iteration of the supertest.
• The tank class has been changed: from “Premium” to “Promotional”.

18 thoughts on “WoT: Well Deserved Reward 2023 – Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F2

  1. i think there should be options, the longer with WG the better the reward. Beta since 2010 and this looks like CRAP … It will be sold in 2 seconds..

  2. well, all in all: you get something for free from WG that looks at least nice in the garage. hoooraay!

    on the other hand: all the guys complained about VK 28.01 10.5 and I really love that thing!

  3. I don’t know how should I feel. They seem to put an effort into making the tank looks nice, but it’s still just Panzer IV

  4. ahh yes those of us who have been playing for 12 years or more getting a low tier tank just to be sold like all the others

  5. It would be so much respect to get premium status tanks. It should not be given after a few years, but after 6-8 years, a veteran does not receive an award after 2 years of service.

  6. Sure it isnt good. But its literally a gift. Dont cry about it. They give us a tank that at least looks cool. If you dont like it sell it and you get a free garage slot and 300k sometging credits. Be happy with that. If you complain about things like this in life im sure you should change priorities.

  7. People get shit for free and shit on it here…. How ungratefull.

    I get it. A tier 5 medium with probably mediocre stats does not do it for you, but there is more that you get as a veteran. This thing is nice for collectors. For those who do not care for it, there are bonds and other stuff you get for free whn this tank drops.

    And again, it is free. So stop whining.

    1. Opinions are like buttholes. We all have one. But they are often shitty and contribute nothing to a conversation. Its better to be kept hidden.

  8. It’s another tank to mark, and a very pretty one at that. But ofc people will complain it’s not good enough content.

  9. A gift I’ll definitely keep. Not every day we receive a tank that actually saw combat, not to mention has historical markings. I believe this one’s from the 21st Panzer Division.

  10. Honestly, I’ve been in this game for 12 years, I expected something more. I have spent money, and time for years and years. For once they should give the Veterans a T8 Tank, or at least 15,000 bonuses. But none of that, a Tier 5 that will only be appreciated by those who have never had premium tanks before.

  11. well , this is not that bad , Im in game for 10 years now and I will get Tier 5 premium tank , who kida sucks , but its one of the tanks , what actually saw a battle and what actually in my heart is historick moment , yes , if I will get tier 8 or tier 9 or 10 , I will be really happy , but if we will get someting for free from Wargaming , what is not tier 7 or less , its allways bad , like Obsidian and all others tanks for free , like be angry , that Wargaming dont give you Tier 8 tank , but can you really be angry ??? its better have tier 5 tank , what is not that bad , or having trash tier 8 , what will be just free food for BZ 176 and Tier 9 to 10 , so for me , this is good reward

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