WoT: Holiday Ops 2024 Leak

Pz.Kpfw. Tiger-Maus 120t (Germany, Tier-9, HT, premium) is the first confirmed new premium tank according to WOT Express’s information for the Holiday Ops 2024 loot boxes.

The full list of 11 tanks will be published very soon in a WOT Express Donators-only article.

14 thoughts on “WoT: Holiday Ops 2024 Leak

    1. probably it will be writen on cuple of days later
      holiday ops vehicles will be probably leaked and peeps will know that some will come
      even tho
      for example Tiger Maus has been nerfed for patch 1.23 coming , and now its like a mauerbreaker at tier 9

  1. every single cent yall will spend is just going to reinforce them in continuing what they have been doing, if thats what you want ok, if not, because you arent satisfied with the game lately, maybe spend your money elsewhere, it would only benefit the game in the longterm

    1. Well, imo wot is overall a better game lately than ever before. More consistent and very relevant balance changes are very welcome. Interesting gameplay mechanics in the works like dynamic map events, night mode, etc. Listening to community feedback with regards to very integral changes that would overall be unhealthy for the game (removing the free bond equip demounting from WOT+, shelving and spending more time to iron out details of the Crew Rework after community feedback, etc.). Lots of new content into the game with 2 new lines this year with 2 more in the works, and they have been relatively well balanced (the Ho-Ri is really well balanced, the Concept 5 is underpowered but not frustrating to play. Would rather have tanks come into the game slightly underpowered and buff them later instead of coming in overpowered). You could say that they are being more aggressive with monetization with 2 assembly workshops, but the tanks available for assembly workshops aren’t must have tanks, and in general they are a better way to monetized the game in comparison to lootboxes. In addition, we had the chance to get 2 free t8 prems this year with the 56tp and obsidian. I think generally WG have been moving in the right direction for the game, even if there are a few hiccups (like nerfing the prog 65, introducing the BZ 176, Mountain Pass rework made the map even more unbalanced, etc.)

      1. Much as a I love to hate Wargaming, I have to agree. Having said that, the BZ-176 disaster is really galling. Wargaming should take some brave pills and start nerfing premium tanks.

        1. yea, even gaijin does that by moving premium tanks up in brs if they are overperforming and by that indirectly nerfing them, and they dont get any backlash for that. no one who can blink and breathe at the same time would complain about a nerf to bz-176 and a few others, but wg is made up by a bunch of pussies, who either nerf something to oblivion, amx m4 54, or give literally meaningless buffs, cent 5/1 strv 81, so yeah

  2. The full list of 11 tanks will be published very soon in a WOT Express Donators-only article.

    Donators have there own special news release?

  3. Why do only detonators get to know?
    11 tanks is ridiculous they can’t even balance the 700 other tanks in the game

    1. Well 11 Tanks is almost the same as last Year. Last Year and 2021 it has been 10 Tanks in total, so 5 high tiers and the rest was the low tier shitters.

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