WoT 1.23 Common Test: ISU-122-2

ISU-122-2 (USSR, Tier-8, TD, premium, mechanics of double-barreled guns)
Historical reference:
At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Soviet tank building returned to the theme of multi-gun tanks. The most famous combat vehicle that was built within the framework of this concept was the KV-7 assault self-propelled gun. At the beginning of 1945, at pilot plant No. 100 (Leningrad branch), work began on the creation of a double-barreled self-propelled gun based on the ISU self-propelled gun. The project, conventionally called ISU-122-2, assumed a typical “self-propelled carriage” with a twin installation of 122-mm D-25S guns. The vehicle was not realized in metal, but the designers’ ideas had a direct influence on further Leningrad self-propelled gun projects.

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