WoT: Prepare for Frontline Episode 3!

Frontline, our favorite recurring 30v30 mode, returns with Episode 3! For one week from November 6 at 6:00 CET through November 13 at 3:00 CET (UTC+1), partake in epic and deeply tactical engagements. Achieve ranks and work together with your team—to outwit the opposing side and obliterate (or protect) five massive gun turrets. Episode 3 will have a classic feel: this time, there will be no modifiers to Combat Reserves.



Frontline battles play out on three colossal (3×3 km) maps: Normandie, Kraftwerk, and Fata Morgana. They consist of three lines, the first two of which have three 1×1 km sectors each. The third undivided line is the one with the gun turrets. The attacking team begins on the beach and tries to reach the third line by capturing sectors. The defenders do their best to deny them access to the third line and the turrets.

Progression and Rewards

By earning Frontline Experience in Frontline battles, you advance through 20 Frontline Tiers. Reaching each of these brings you Combat Reserve Points and substantial rewards that include Battle Pass Points, bonds, Experimental Equipment and directives of your choice, and more.

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