WoT 1.23 Common Test: ARMT

ARMT (USA, Tier-5, MT, premium, mechanics: autoloader with 3 shells)

Historical reference:
The basis for the development of the ARMT tank was the creation of an automated loading mechanism that would provide a rate of fire previously considered unattainable. This became possible due to the automatic loader, which carries out a conveyor supply of unitary shots, driven by a planetary gear mechanism and an electric motor. The innovative design of the turret made it possible to fire at a gun elevation of approximately 60 degrees and an inclination angle of approximately -15 degrees. Reducing the loader from among the crew members was also a tempting idea. In addition to the high complexity of production and difficulties in servicing the automatic loader, the tank was distinguished by its considerable height and vulnerability. A 75–76 mm caliber gun was irrelevant for fighting promising Soviet tanks. At the same time, attempts to install a 90-mm gun would have led to a significant increase in mass and a complete revision of the project, which ultimately remained on paper.

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