WoT: Roll Out for Ukraine

The bundles will be available from October 18 at 12:00 (CEST) until November 1 at 21:00 (CET). You can also visit the WargamingUnited webpage to learn about offers from our sister games.

Let’s unite to support the people of Ukraine!




Here at Wargaming, we love war games, but we loathe war. And this subject has been especially sensitive for us, as we have a whole studio back in Kyiv that works hard to deliver features and events to World of Tanks despite all the terror their country is living through every day. The most notable of their works are Frontline and all parts of the Mirny event, with the third coming out late October.

Over the past year and a half, Wargaming has been contributing to donations to help the Ukrainian civilians, including 1 million dollars donated to medical assistance and equipment during the first week of war and 100,000 dollars donated to the victims of the Kakhovka disaster. Hundreds of our employees have been making donations through their own initiative, launching an internal fundraising campaign and gathering 200,000 euros to purchase ambulance cars for Ukrainian medics. Now, we are inviting you to join us in support of those who have not been spared by the war and launching our biggest charity project yet—WargamingUnited.

Starting today, we are welcoming our community across six of our games—World of Tanks PC, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Tanks: Modern Armor, World of Warships, World of Warships: Legends, and World of Warplanes—to unite around this global initiative. Each game will be featuring special Ukraine-themed bundles with customization elements crafted by the artists at our Kyiv studio. With these time-limited offers, not only will you show your support, but also get valuable in-game content.

From 18/10/2023 till 1/11/2023, Wargaming will donate 100% of the purchase price of each “WargamingUnited” bundle towards Medical Aid via UNITED24, less any chargebacks or refunds, (ii) applicable value added, sales or use taxes, or other similar taxes, (iii) applicable transaction fees of payment service providers and (iv) applicable fees of third-party distribution platforms (e.g. mobile or game console marketplaces).

34 thoughts on “WoT: Roll Out for Ukraine

  1. Our “friend” , wardaddy must be happy right now. I hope he will exercise restraint and won’t spend all his money on the charity event.

      1. Stupid comment made by Machinist

        The bundle is to support Innocent Ukraine being attacked by PUTIN which we are glad World of tanks removed invaded maps, russia wiped out of World of tanks

  2. Ya… let’s support the vIcTiM state that defines neo-Nazism and shows Stepan Bandera symbols everywhere! F wg, ukraine, ukrainian vIcTiMs and their braindead illiterate supporters!

    #goPutin #goRussia #DonbassGetsLiberated

    1. You didn’t tell us where are you from. Are you still ashamed of your country? Relax, i’m just curious to know who is this angry pro ruSSian boi , i don’t intend to mock your country, so don’t be such a coward and tell us😊

  3. It does. The sanctioned Russian economy would love nothing more than to siphon American dollars from gullible schizoids who spent their entire lives drinking leaded gasoline.

    1. And their economy is doing well somehow. Maybe you should stop with the propaganda. Clowns such as yourself only care about America when you get freebies. I say no more involvement in Europe. Handle your own affairs.

      1. Since the average kulak seeks nothing more than their next drink of vodka, I guess it does do pretty well at satisfying their average citizen’s desires.

        As an American (what, did my name not give that away?) I think our own self-interested affairs include aiding Europe…but I guess I don’t know since I’m not some backwards-ass ignoramus who sticks his head into the sand and thinks Ukraine’s grain markets, fossil fuels, natural resources, and opportunities for post-war investment (to say nothing of global stability, the removal of an international rival, or the moral situation of it all) are irrelevant.

        1. Why don’t you fix your own country first.
          You have an actual potato as a president.
          No police, massive crime and massive drug problem, abandoned towns but people live in home made tents whilst 200,000 illegals flood your border every day…

          1. It’s perfectly possible to fix your country and help others at the same time. What, you don’t want americans to interfere in Putin’s imperialist aggression? Maybe they shouldn’t have invaded Ukraine to begin with.

          2. Hmm, your description sounds more fitting for Russia – except for the part about the illegal immigration, since people don’t actually want to live there.

            Donating old military equipment we bought decades ago to Ukraine is not mutually exclusive with nor does it meaningfully interfere with our ability to take care of domestic issues, and is in fact entirely in line with improving our own country.

            1. It’s pretty amusing to watch people complain about the US “interfering” in Ukraine by just donating old military equipment but Russia INVADING the country is completely fine apparently.

      2. Unfortunately for you, the US is part of defense treaties that means they are forced to get involved in Europe if a war breaks out. Treaties that were the US’s idea in order to combat their geopolitical rivals, like Russia.

        And while Ukraine was not part of such a treaty, the US stands to benefit from Russia losing the war, that’s why they are sending help, something that a few americans don’t seem to understand.

  4. Lots of illiterate neo-Nazi pigs supporting the landfill site of ukraine. Russia is winning more land day by day and the Russophones can live freely without being threatened by the sub-human ukrainians.

    I wonder when moronic wg will make bundles supporting the Russophones in Donbass…

    1. Maybe WG should make some bundles, to support the deportation of the few ruSSophones from Donbass🤔

    2. Crydaddy is losing it again. Don´t worry they will soon call in even fat imbeciles like you and your body will fertilize Ukrainian fields.

  5. You need to stop listening to tiktok.
    Because you have no idea what you talking about.
    You don’t represent us Russians with your deluded rantings. You are not Russian.

    1. You are a joke!
      You started this by selling Ukraine flags and getting donations to support Ukraine!!

      1. Because they have staff working in the warzone in one of their studios. So they are affected like it or not. But this is a support for civilians because they need help. But not focusing on the reason why they need help. We know why. But the “why” is also a cause for heated debate. Something that derailed fast on the forum. So it’s not hard to see why either is it?

  6. Not going to comment on the actual politics but shame on wargaming for causing a comment war with such an inflammatory topic.

  7. So… The Deputy state Duma did send a warning letter to WG telling them to remove this or else, as they posted a copy of the letter on telegram. I guess they did not get the memo that they left Russia and won’t care.

  8. 300 billion dollars still not enough? Begging for more money without any accountability and transparency?

    How about NO!!
    No more for the corrupt puppet regime.. 😠

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