WoT: Release Dates of New Year’s Update (Version 1.23)

The release of update 1.23 is now scheduled for December 6, morning.
Release dates [by region]:
ASIA: December 4 (possibly shifted to the 5th)
NA: December 5
EU: December 6

New directories for placing modifications: ./mods/1.23.0/ and ./res_mods/1.23.0/

8 thoughts on “WoT: Release Dates of New Year’s Update (Version 1.23)

  1. Hah
    Saved some for this
    If its like the last 2 years
    It will be my last time my wallet opens
    Why? Because its no pleasure in playing for nothing

  2. lol, its like Wsanutter was looking in the mirror when it typed that.

    The loot boxes did seem lackluster in the last couple years. Myself, I’ve spent much MUCH less on this game in the last years.

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