WoT: Mirny-13 Main Reward

The main reward for the “Mirny: Lost Hope” event (Halloween 2023) is the TITT tank.

For completing the mode, you will be able to receive the new and unique premium TITT Rozanov (USSR, Tier-8, MT, Premium) for FREE.

This is the first time that a tier8 premium tank has been issued in the “Mirny-13” mode.

To get the tank you will need to collect decryption keys in battle. The keys will decipher memories and unlock films. For collecting all 15 films you will receive the “TITT”.

In essence, completing the mode itself means winning all phases on all difficulties. So nothing has changed here.

8 thoughts on “WoT: Mirny-13 Main Reward

    1. Well…make a salary ya poor bastard. Just mad people made smart choices and have a disposable income…tsk tsk

  1. Still just another cash trap because of course, you can buy your way through. Standard money grubbing greedy Russian BS.

  2. Last time I had only one mission to complete on last day of the event to unlock King Tiger(C) but unfortunately had to work late and missed that. 🙄

  3. Nice, got the Cap King Tiger last time and it wasn’t too hard. At least they have a free tank on offer.

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