Let’s go over some of the main new features of the coming update.

Asymmetric Battles

Update 12.10 will bring back Asymmetric Battles to the game! The latest iteration of this popular Battle Type will have a different format compared to the previous one, as battles will be fought in a 5v12 format with Tier VI to X ships and superships. The bot team will not be able to field Submarines. Ships on the player team can differ by one Tier, while ships on the bot team will be up to two Tiers lower than the ships on the player team. For example: If a player team is composed of Tier VI and VII ships, the bots in the enemy team will be Tier IV and V ships.

Asymmetric Battles will also have the following changes compared to the previous iteration:

  • Divisions of up to 5 players can be formed (one aircraft carrier, two battleships, two destroyers, two cruisers, and one submarine)
  • Bot ships are now more likely to focus on the highest HP ship closest to them.
  • Bots will now be less effective at dodging torpedoes.
  • Bots are now more likely to head toward Key Areas to capture and defend them.

Based on collected data and player feedback, we decided to include these changes in order to improve the gameplay experience for non-battleship classes, which was one of the main concerns put forward during the previous iteration. Changing bot behavior to be more active around Key Areas will make the gameplay more dynamic and challenging.

Clan Battles

The 23rd season of Clan Battles “Triturus” will start on 15th November. Battles will be held in 7 vs. 7 format on Tier X ships.


  • Players will be able to go into battle aboard cruisers, destroyers, and battleships.
  • No more than one battleship per team.

We will share more details about the new season and additional restrictions at a later date.

Additional content:

  • The Microsoft Store container will be renamed to Xbox container and its visual appearance will be updated.

  • Soviet container contents have been updated
 Soviet container content

14 Rare economic bonuses of each type – 15% for each type
32,000 Free XP – 15%
100,000 Elite Commander XP – 18%

3% chance to receive one of the following ships

Pyotr Bagration

4% chance to receive one of the following camouflages

Soviet permanent camouflage for Ochakov
Soviet permanent camouflage for Pyotr Bagration
Soviet permanent camouflage for Tallin
Soviet permanent camouflage for Petropavlovsk
Soviet permanent camouflage for Riga

If you already have all of the ships and camouflages that can be obtained from the container, you will receive instead 100,000 Free XP.

There will be another way of distributing the Navarin besides the container, and more information will be available at a later date.

  • The visual appearance of the Flag Premium container has been updated.

  • The Xbox Flag and Xbox Patch were added.

  • The King of the Sea XVI finalist Achievement and King of the Sea XVI Commemorative Flag were added.

  • The King of The Sea – Interstellar permanent camouflage for Vermont has been added.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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