Wargaming For The Second Time Raised Prices In The Turkish Region By 1.5 Times.

On the night of October 5, WG again raised all prices in the Turkish region. Even after the price increase on August 2, purchases with the Turkish Lira were the cheapest in the game.

For example, let’s take the standard package of 2,500 gold/30 days of tank premium account.
Previously the price was:
• 116.13 TRY = 3.97 €
New price:
• 174.20 TRY = 5.95 €

Price of the same package in other currencies:
• 230 UAH = 5.95 €
• 3,600 KZT = 7, 15 €
• 9.95 €


After:* Prices are based on the exchange rate as of 10/08/2023.

This time it is most likely due to the economic situation in Turkey itself (with the local currency).

source WOT Express

25 thoughts on “Wargaming For The Second Time Raised Prices In The Turkish Region By 1.5 Times.

    1. They earn a lot less than other regions because of currency so the normal price for you is too high for them they cant sell them otherwise and its fair why because you spend 1/100 on games they also spend 1/100 of their income if the prices were equal they have to spend 10/100 so its basically the same price for everyone

        1. I have seen another comment of his, all in caps lock and full of nonsense. Guy’s probably a legit “keyboard warrior”.

  1. Even before first raise I purchased Progetto and Borrasque. Perfect timing. Second raise made prices too high.

    1. The problem of WG is that some players cheat the system by connecting via VPN in Turkey to the cheaper market. Which is just losses on WG’s side.

      1. That doesn’t work like that.
        It’s wherever you registered your account at the first time and you cannot change this.
        So it doesn’t work to use vpn to change country to buy something.

  2. Hi guys, we were not purchasing the boxes and tanks for lesser price due to the exchange rates..cuz we are living in btw inflation and hyper inflation and i surely support the raising the prices for sure in terms of to be fair market aspect cuz ttehy didint raise quite some time.. but WG raised the prices 2 times in just 2 months, they should have meticulously calculate the exchange rates that raise the prices if they decided the raising even our TR Wot contributors didnt know that wg will increase the prices second time witout any notice

    Best Regards..

  3. That is what you get when you have a delusional mad man on the helm of a country that once wanted to become an EU member, but instead has become the new Iran… A sad thing that their people would have to learn to live in absolute poverty.

  4. I only divide people on good and bad,not by the nationality or the colour of the skin.Hate that racist nationalistic shit u could read everywhere on internet.Respect for all good people who cares for other people feelings,cheers

    1. Who said anything racist it nationalistic?!
      Fuck off with your pc woke bullshit.
      Discussing different countries money and governments and issues is not racist you lefty cúnt

      1. Trash kid, i wish u said to me personaly,i bet u would sing different story little angry keyboard warrior.Go read all coments little piece of shit,if u can read at all.


  6. Hilarious you spend over 1000 hours on a game you hate.

    I’m not surprised you had all your 8 bot accounts banned.

    Especially when you are making and selling these accounts and using them to rig games lol

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