WoT – Top of the Tree: M-V-Y and WZ-132-1

It’s a new Top of the Tree, and we’ve made some changes! These include streamlined missions, great rewards, and brand-new bundle offers—now available until the end of the event. Please see further sections below for specific information.

The Top of the Tree special in October highlights unique American heavy tanks and feisty Chinese light tanks. Use credit discounts on standard vehicles, missions, and special offers to speed up your progress toward the XM-V-Y or the XWZ-132-1 .

Don’t forget: The M-V-Y is a Core Vehicle in the current Battle Pass Season XII, meaning it has an increased Point Limit, earning more Points in Random Battles and Onslaught than other vehicles. It also gets a progressive 3D style when you complete its Chapter in Battle Pass!

The special lasts until November 5 at 06:00 (CET), giving you plenty of time to explore both Tech Trees, take advantage of the discounts, and boost your progress to the top. If you want to speed things up and reach the Tier X vehicles even faster, upgrade the special with booster bundles. Please note that we’ve extended the purchase period for these packages. They are available in the Premium Shop or in-game until November 5 at 06:00 (CET).

The XM-V-Y sits at the end of the Yoh heavy tank line. Like the other vehicles along this research path, it comes with a reserve track mechanic, meaning the tank continues to move after the main track has been damaged. It also has a unique appearance with a narrow, elongated turret that is designed to deflect shells. The tank has two guns in its arsenal. The first is a fast-firing 105 mm cannon with 10 degrees of gun depression and good accuracy, allowing it to take advantage of terrain irregularities. The other, a 120 mm gun, has higher alpha damage and acceptable accuracy, making it effective for close- to medium-range targets.

The XWZ-132-1 is the crown jewel of the Chinese light tank branch. These light tanks aren’t typical scouts but rather a hybrid of a light tank and a medium tank, combining agility with durability and firepower. Team up with allied medium tanks and provide fire support with 390 HP of alpha damage and excellent penetration. The rounded and well-armored turret can protect you, but the hull is relatively fragile, so it’s best to always stay on the move. The camouflage value is also high enough for you to stay under the radar and avoid enemy attention when repositioning or switching flanks.

Tech Tree Credit Discounts

Available from October 5 at 07:00 (CEST) through November 5 at 06:00 (CET)

50% OFF

30% OFF



Don’t miss this month’s Top of the Tree, and explore the Tech Tree lines up to the XM-V-Y and the XWZ-132-1 before the special ends on November 5 at 06:00 (CET).

Roll Out!

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