WoT Supertest: Delayed Japanese HT Release

The release of the WG branch is scheduled for January-February 2024. At the moment, its test at the Supertest is delayed due to problems that have arisen.

It turns out that the HT Japan branch with the “gun cooling” mechanic will not work for Lesta.

5 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Delayed Japanese HT Release

      1. its workin well enough on the type 63 thats already in supertest, but idk if Leesta also has it on supertest

  1. Hi! I am a former RUBY region player, I have been playing for 10 years with high results on many 10 levels. Please read my message, at least a final summary!!! Sry, for my stingy English. I can explain any misunderstandings in English in the comments.

    I dont know why do they postpone test of Japan HTs, but i want to talk about something else. Let’s remember that half of the plans for the 23rd year have not been implemented (or not implemented in an adequate form). I will list them further.

    1. The Winter Arcade has no weight at all as an Event. The usual shallow mode, where even the rewards were a measly 400 bonds. Nothing to be proud of. 2/10

    2. Steel hunter. The regime is already 5 years old, most of it was really interesting only for the first year, now it is mediocre. Although bots have brought a little interest. Nothing to be proud of. 4/10

    3. Onslaught. It’s a long story going back to the 15*15 Ranked Fights. Onslaught has its advantages over 7*7 Ranked battles (you can use additional consumables), however, he does not have a rank preservation system, the awards themselves are getting smaller and smaller with each season. The new CS-63 in style is a spit in the face of the players. Ranked battles also had their advantages, but the main drawback was the complexity of the regime, nerves were at the limit. However, this is exactly where the skill manifested itself – you had to seriously strain your brains and think ahead of the enemy. I miss them, but I also want the Onslaught to stay. Remember the awards of the Ranked Ones – Concept, Kpz, Brit. HT, 114. Quite OP tanks, but they were worth the nerves spent. So, the Onslaught of 2023 was disappointing, but it’s still more interesting to play than random. 6/10

    4. Mirny-13. I was personally hooked on the first launch, the subsequent ones were already mediocre. We’ll see what happens, but there is little hope. 5/10

    5. New map for FL, Oyster Bay + Rebalance cards. I like Oyster Bay, but it was tested from 2020-2021. The map for FL is also not bad, but you have to get used to it. Both are beautiful, but why only 1 random map per year??? The minimum should be 2, many people want 3. Rebalancing of maps should be more active than now. Where are the changes for the Chinese Wall or Ensk that we have been waiting for for 7 years??? I think it’s hard work, but the game basically has the wrong vector of their creation (in my opinion). Positions for TDs everywhere! In places where HTs are playing (where there is a melee), there should be no long-range shots for TDs!!! TDs should also not have many long-range base defense positions. I would suggest placing 90% of the long-range shots in the area between the different flanks (along the middle of the map). So, we have 2 “new-old” maps and a large rebalance of 3 maps (Studzianki, Pass, Airfield). So-so achievement for a multibillion-dollar company. 5/10.

    6. The prestige system. An almost completely useless innovation. Who asked??? It’s not like XVM at all. Why do I need to know how many battles has a “person” played on his 4005? Yes, it will be a sign to me that he has no brains. And then what? % of wins would be much more useful. 1/10.

    7. Crew 1.5. I’ve been saying everywhere that the Crew 2.0 of 2021 was almost perfect!!! All that had to be done was to explain in detail to players how to distribute the crews (using the feature: 2 tankers on small levels). As a result, the Crew 2.0 was canceled, Crew 1.5 was AGAIN postponed to 2024 + cancelled (perks + a light bulb against artillery for everyone). Now we will have a Crew of 1.25. Causes laughter and tears. 1/10 for COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE.

    8. The destruction camera. Why is it needed??? Who the hell is asking for all this??? It is enough for me to see the last 3 shots at my tank after destruction (there is such a modification). Does it introduced only “to exist” or why??? 1/10.

    9. Rebalance of tanks. We can discuss it endlessly. The rebalance of tanks in this game is very slow. Also: 1) Half of the “promised and expected” has not been touched; 2) Some rebalances are controversial (Rinoceronte is a good example). 3/10.

    10. Japanese tanks. Tank destroyer, OK, introduced (heavy postpone …). Acceptable. British wheels were introduced, but they turned out WORSE than a leopard branch. How is it?? We are waiting for the mechanics of Czech autocannons for the new year, but why is it taking so long??? 5/10

    11. Recon missions. I don’t remember testing new maps this year. 0/10 (I know)

    12. Night battles. Awesome thing, VERY impressed! But when will it be released to the main servers? In 10 years? 8/10.

    13. Random events. Similar to night battles. A VERY necessary thing for most of the maps in the game (3 directions is too little of this game). We saw this “mechanics” only for a couple pieces of maps. When will it be released on the main servers? Again in 10 years? 8/10.

    I would also like to note that the annual WG video about plans for 2022 was not released in 2021. There was no WAR yet!!! COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT!!! After all, this is your main event of the year, and you do this to the players… 🙁

    Conclusion: I understand that the War has affected all spheres of life and still has its impact. But it’s been almost 2 years. The result? 2022, ok, we’ll close our eyes. 2023? You haven’t fulfilled half of what you promised! But the problem is that this has been going on for 10 years. Every year you promise, but you don’t fulfill 75%. WOT – has an annual profit of MILLIONS of dollars, and you behave like a small indie studio. All that you do consistently is the introduction of premium tanks into the store. The MOST IMPORTANT thing that players want is feedback!!! We want all our requests to be heard!!! So that developers do exactly what they are asked to do, and not what comes into their heads. Yes, this is your company, your business, but without us, especially without the RUBY region, this game would never have happened! When you finally start listening to us … “Listening” is in my “dreams” – at least monthly answers from developers to players’ questions in an expanded form (in the format of a large article or a radio release as it used to be in the RU region). Why is this not happening now?? It feels like you ONLY care about our money, not our commitment, who is the game for? I’m not exaggerating, I play this game almost every day, I know a lot about it. There are so many ideas and suggestions (REALLY useful to this game, absolutely reasonable, I assure you, I KNOW this game inside and out) that I want to convey to you, but I can’t even do it. You try, you write a long article on the forum. And in the comments they will only write to you: “The meaning of your message? No one will hear you.” Or am I wrong?

    The last thing I want to say. I can see what is happening in the RU region. It suffers without EU support. Many serious developers have moved to Lithuania and so on. However, do you know how Russian developers treat the game? It’s a long story to tell, but it’s clear that they have 100 times more interest than the WG (although the studio and resources are much smaller). Yes, I want to see Night Fights, I want to play the Original game, I want to play without bugs (which Lesta has). But their attitude towards the players makes me think: why don’t I come back (at least there are a lot of my friends + online many times higher)? The problem is that I can’T do it. WG just won’t let me go. And I find myself in a situation where I simply have nowhere to go. There are already thoughts to delete the account in order to forget the story as a nightmare. Stupidity? Imagine that the game from Lesta will be many times better than that of WG (and THEORETICALLY this is possible, given the potential of information enlightenment in the russian federation)? I myself am not very pleased to hear this and even imagine it, but you know that the WG wants to merge the EU & NA servers, because online is extremely low. Therefore, it feels like the WG SPECIFICALLY wants the players, if they leave the game, then completely, irrevocably, so that Lesta has no chance of rebirth. I’m against war, but I don’t want the game to die that way. I don’t see any other options. I am a programmer myself and would like to develop this game in a positive way. But does it make sense if years go by and a multimillion-dollar game is stagnating?

    PS: I want to start my own YouTube channel, solely to convey ideas and suggestions (my own and from the forum) in video format. I don’t have time yet, but I have a great desire and experience.

  2. Sounds like a RUBY-specific problem.
    So why does the rest of the world have to suffer?
    Lesta is a different company with a different game, after all.

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