WoT Supertest: T 54D

The T 54D is a Tier IX German medium tank.

Based on the classic T-54, the model received massive screens for the frontal hull armor as well as for the entire turret. Additional screens also appeared along the sides of the tank’s hull.

The 100 mm D-10T gun has been replaced with the British L7 gun, boasting high penetration (268 mm) and projectile velocity, good accuracy (0.33), and aiming time (2.3 s). The price for this unconventional layout is the mediocre gun stabilization in motion and low traverse speed.

Such a serious increase in armor protection affected the vehicle’s weight and, consequently, its mobility, making the T 54D’s specific power (12.9 h.p. per ton) and maximum speed (45 km/h) lower than those of the T54 or T 55A.

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21 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: T 54D

      1. And to get it one needs several Tier 10 tanks and to go through a bullshit grind, with some missions being designed for vehicles that do not exist anymore (SPG missions) or for a game environment that does not exist anymore (good luck doing damage block missions in the game of gold ammo retards).

        T-55A is “free” the same way WoT is “free to play”.

        1. I think I’ve gotten the T55A when I still only had 1 tier 10, and I surely didn’t use it for any of the missions.

          For reference, I’ve done SPG mission in S-51 and M53/55, LT was T21/T71/T54 ltwt/13 90, MT was Cromwell/Futur 4, TDs were SU-100/T95. Blocking mission was done in VK 100.01P, and it took a while. I skipped HT-15 and did it later with Maus.

        2. T55a is free if you not start playing 1 year ago … you dont need arty because you can scip one complete mission tree if the other 4 are perfect … and all t55a mission are not that heavy all what you need is max t8 😂

    1. oh wow who would have thought after your comments, that you are so bad at the game you dont even have a t55, yet share your retarded opinion everywhere

  1. Why is this in the German tech tree? Don’t recall East Germany ever using 105mm equipped tanks on the T-54

    1. Well, I first thought of another GDR-tank as well, until I came across the L7 gun. the concept looks interesting (if those screens block of HEAT, the “standard” ammo in tier 9 and 10).

      Will keep an eye on it.

  2. Why the fuck is a T-54 with an upgraded tier 10 gun and upgraded armour released at tier 9?! WG are totally out of their mind, when it comes to the coherence of their tank releases.

  3. 105mm L7 is a tier 9 Centurion gun though?

    Armor though, it should be really good considering that it has worse P/W than Iron Ernie or T-54 1st prot.

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