WoT Supertest: “Nemesis”

The highlight of this week’s Supertest is the Nemesis, a Tier VIII British medium tank. Historically, the model was a unique 1970s development of a mobile combat vehicle based on the Chieftain tank.

The Nemesis is powered by a mighty 870 h.p. engine that delivers a power-to-weight ratio of 21.7 h.p. per ton. However, its top speed is quite mediocre for a medium tank, reaching just 40 km/h. The most notable feature is its relatively accurate gun with a dispersion of 0.33 m per 100 m and impressive damage per shot (420 HP).

The tank’s main drawbacks are its reload time (17 s) and the massive commander’s cupola.

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4 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: “Nemesis”

  1. Unlike several ideas they’ve had this one seems like when they’re done adjusting it it’ll be balanced. Happy to see this.

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