WoT Supertest: Vickers 6 ton

The Vickers 6 ton is a Tier II Chinese light tank.

Historically, the model was a British project of a light tank designed for mass production. The Vickers did not meet the requirements to be adopted into service, but, thanks to high demand, the tank was eventually exported to other countries.

The vehicle doesn’t boast an outstanding power-to-weight ratio (12.6 hp per ton), which leads to mediocre forward/reverse speeds (35/15 km/h). The armor is not great either, with 12.7/12.7/12.7 mm for both the hull and the turret. The 47mm QFSA gun provides similar firepower to vehicles of its tier, delivering 50 points of damage and 45 mm of penetration with the default shell type.

9 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Vickers 6 ton

    1. I dunno, my Type 97 Medium Tank Chi-Ha has 122mm goldpen at tier 3.
      So 70mm goldpen for tier 2 ain’t bad, but deffo not amazing for tier 3.

    1. Technically this was already in the game, though this has the radio turret instead of the cylindrical one.

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