WoT Supertest: M48A2 (120)

The latest addition to the Supertest is the M48A2 (120), a Tier IX American medium tank.

The M48A2 (120) possesses the classic traits of an American medium tank, with a relatively vulnerable commander’s cupola, excellent gun depression and elevation values (–10/20 degrees), and decent mobility with a top speed of 40 km/h.

As for its role in battle, this tank will be best used for first-line positional combat from cover, taking advantage of its vertical angles and good damage per shot (400 HP).

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16 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: M48A2 (120)

  1. I wish WG learned from their experience with T54 Heavy. This thing has the exact same problems, so I really hope they do not expect it to sell well.

  2. Cmon, it’s a freaking medium, what is that 40 top speed again?
    Right now its in the game files being a Tier X called “M48A2/T54E2/T123E6”, and it goes ~48…
    If its for a heavy, I guess it’s “all right”, but I don’t like where this is going lately with almost all the new additions.
    The TiTT Rozanov got butchered from 50 to 42 even before entering the Supertest.
    Who wants a slow ass medium when the game is already filled with all the faster heavies we have right now…

    1. It’s a tier 9 premium, it’s supposed to be trash =))))))
      But to be honest, I expect they will give this thing really good base stabilization, something like 0.12/0.10, might be a touch worse.
      Since the turret looks very meh with its raw thickness, this thing won’t bounce shit even when it gets hit in the face. And its mobility is more like a HT’s mobility.
      So, this thing is basically a weakly armored HT that will go nowhere but HT lines, thus it needs at least one thing to be able to consider “trash” tier =)))))
      The T54 Heavy has good alpha and its turret can bounce, this thing has worse alpha and can’t bounce so it must be able to snap.pretty accurately.

      1. I suppose the circle begins again… starting to feel like it’s 2011 when they slowly introduced Tier 8 premiums slightly worse than their counterparts, and throughout the years, they (obviously, cause why would anyone pay for them) became more and more powerful, and that’s how we reached the current state, when almost any new Tier 8 premium is better than any other tech tree tank at that tier. They start with worsened Tier 9’s, see how it affects the flow, and surely it will end up the same as Tier 8’s until the point when everyone stops playing Tier 8’s, just to play only Tier 9’s (cause let’s be honest, why would ANYONE want to play +2/-2, when you can have +1/-2). And there you have it, Tier 9 is the new Tier 8, just with better MM.
        Maybe I’m exaggerating here a bit, but this seems to be the case for me at least.

        As for this tank, its basically a Renegade at Tier 9, but worse armor AND mobility, they better give it that stabilization, cause that couple hundred more DPM doesn’t worth the price (whatever that will be)…

        1. First of all: current tier 9bpremiums make very little creds, if any. Due to the required gold spam.

          Second: just dont buy it. The power of the consumer shall never be underestimated.

          1. Although I agree with that RIGHT NOW they don’t make much credits, but if they go down the path just like with Tier 8’s in the past 12 years, we’ll end up the same but a tier higher. Of course these down-tuned Tier 9 premiums won’t sell that much, but we’ll get there in no time when Tier 9 will be flooded with premiums just as much as Tier 8 now.

            Credit Profit according to tanks.gg:

            Tier 8

            Type 59: ~37k
            Type 59 G: ~39k
            Löwe: ~41k
            T34: ~42k
            T34 B: ~43k

            Tier 9

            Chieftain P.: ~22k
            WZ-114: 27k
            Strv K: ~29k
            T54 Heavy: ~32k
            TL-7: ~35k

            As you can see, the current Tier 9 premiums are not that far behind the first ever released Tier 8’s. These were added back in 2011, since then we got a lot more with better credit earning ability.
            Speaking of, fact, there are some Tier 8’s out there, which you can farm 50k+ with, I won’t deny.
            But at this rate I’d say in 2 years, 3 at most, people won’t bother playing with Tier 8’s anymore. I mean, srew me, I wouldn’t either. Even now (if I had any Tier 9 premiums, which I don’t, because A: they are thrash or B: I’m just too poor to buy one), I would highly consider which worth the most, farming 20k credits more, or not having to deal with +2 MM.

            My point is, in the end, this WILL happen (look at all the Battle Pass tanks, they can make balanced Tier 9’s if they want to), I just don’t understand why not make these new Tier 9 premiums a bit more appealing. With the recent update, they proved they are well aware that there are a LOT of outdated, powercreeped Tier 8 premiums. They buffed some, and will continue to buff more I suppose. Same treatment to the current Tier 9 premiums in let’s say, 5 years from now on, because that time we’ll have a lot more better performing tanks than these few.
            Right now, I don’t even consider buying any of those, they just doesn’t worth it yet (to me). Maybe in the next 2 years we’ll get some better ones, until then, WG won’t make much profit out of these.

        1. You may have had a point if there was anything to read to begin with.
          We are just assuming it’ll be a premium according to its stats.
          Its just too meh for a BP tank, not even talking about being a Reward tank of any sort.
          It fits perfectly in the group of already ingame Tier 9 premiums, being “thrash” as it is now.
          No need to insult, just ignore if you can’t keep a civilized conversation.
          Thank you.

          1. So tell me, where should I read to be sure it’s definitely not going to be a Premium?

            Its previous version on tanks.gg, which is indeed in the game since 2015 says “Reward”.
            But that simply just doesn’t justify your statement that “It’s not a premium.”
            For example, the FV215b or the FV4202 were tech tree tanks before, now neither of them are. They were already in the game when their status get changed. This one has not even seen a single battle, which means it’s yet to decide what will it be.

            In this post, it says nothing about being either a Reward nor a Premium.

            The latest post on this website (with detailed stats) overwrites everything we knew before, saying “Promotional” which we all know can go either way.

            As mentioned before, we ASSUME it’ll be a Premium. Of course we can be wrong when it turns out to be a Reward tank. But the information we have right now is just simply not enough to make such a statement. And even if someone is bold enough to do that, just please… at least keep your manners when you disagree with someone’s opinion.

    1. This. They could split the T57 line into an autoloader MT line ending in T77, autoloading HT line with T57, armored MT line, paper MT line, Chrysler HT line, et al

      1. the opportunity for that has sailed away a long time ago, but there are other things and most importantly NEEDED fixes to some lines
        – the M46 sticks out like a sore thumb, its characteristics have always been mobility, neither the Pershing or M48 play like that, it needs to go into a different line where mobility is the main characteristic
        – for the LT line the Sheridan is also a step away from all the M41 like LTs that preceed it
        – for the TDs it is a shame that the Hellcat like gameplay ends at Tier 6, there are many concepts that would fit the role of a fast-relocating TD, mainly LT concepts with 90mm and 105mm guns but there are also other “small mediums” like the recently added TL-7 (Tier 9 premium TD)
        – etc

  3. Trash unreliable 0.38 or 0.4 american accuracy… the gun stats must be better for a tier 9 medium even if the stabilisation is good!

  4. Renegade m54 actually better than this. imagine have big weakspot on top and bad stats? Oh disappointed crap that supertest players.

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