WoT: Future Super Conqueror Nerfs and More Frequent Vehicle Rebalances

It seems that WG wants to switch to a new more frequent rebalance in the performance characteristics of vehicles. Thus, the developers want to see a relatively frequent meta-change in the game in 2023-2025.
As the closest example: Dota 2.

“We are considering changing almost ALL tanks in the game. As mentioned earlier, balance changes will occur more frequently.
Super Conqueror is currently probably the best Tier 10 tech tree tank in the game, so its potential nerf shouldn’t surprise anyone”
— Wargaming.

48 thoughts on “WoT: Future Super Conqueror Nerfs and More Frequent Vehicle Rebalances

  1. Hahh lol.
    Since they butchered my one and only Tier X tank I played and enjoyed, the Bobject, by removing its only characteristic it was worth playing with, and went straight from fun to annoying, I welcome all these nerfs, just keep em comin…

    1. Anyone with a brain knows how strong the v4 is. On release it was disgustingly overpowered, no one could do shit against it after it was released. They nerfed it enough to tone back the power, but still very firmly holds the #1 position. If the only tanks you play are the most OP ones, expect to get hit with a nerf bat. Go back to your 3k account and shut your mouth until you actually know what I’m talking about

    2. Hey dude every tank need to be balanced i know that it to fun to play but still other t not doing great like it so Nerfing it is good

    1. Which was delivered not long after its release.
      In my experience, the current, sorry, the previous version caused barely any problems to anyone with the slightest idea about what they were doing, aka anyone above 1000 avg WN8…
      Those who struggled against it, still will be, cause the mobility nerf has nothing to do with not knowing its weakspots, but in this case, the one driving it will also struggle, cause now its just boring at best.

      1. Right, that pixel-sized rangefinder is such a massive weakspot, oh noes! /s

        Drop the bullcrap. People play OP stuff and then ditch it when it’s not OP anymore, has been the case for years. Whining that said OP stuff is being nerfed is ridiculous. Honestly good players do well regardless of what they play, so they’d be the least affected by these changes (on the other hand, bad players would struggle more as the tank’s stats won’t carry them as they did pre-nerf).

        1. This has nothing to do with me or anyone being a good player or not. I perform well enough with a lot other tanks, but who cares anyway.
          It deserved the cupola armor nerf, even the HP nerf is acceptable.
          And I’m not whining about it not being OP anymore, cause it will be the same to play against as before.
          It’s not FUN anymore, that’s my problem. And with having no fun playing a tank, it loses its purpose, which means I indeed ditch it, even the whole Tier.

            1. Lets see what all the Tier X Assault TD’s have to offer above the others:

              Badger: DPM
              Jagdpz: Alpha
              E3: Armor
              E4: Turret
              WZ (the buffed version): its like the nerfed V4 with a bit less armor, but better in every other way (see for yourself at tanks.gg)
              Minotauro: I won’t even bother with this one…
              V4 (pre-nerf): Speed
              V4 (nerfed): Guess what, nothing

              People were mostly complaining about the V4’s armor. What got nerfed? Of course the mobility. The only thing it had to offer compared to its counterparts. In exchange for having the worst DPM, accuracy, gun depression, health and view range.
              Now it stands out for nothing, but hey, they buffed the WZ which can and will outperform the V4 every time they meet face to face.

              Maybe the nerf was indeed needed, but again, it lost the single thing what made it unique. I don’t care if they’ve downgraded its frontal armor by 20%. Hell, couldn’t care less if they’ve given it a even shittier gun. People played it because it was fun zooming around with its 75 tonnes and ramming people in the face. Because that’s the only thing this tank was used for anyway. It had already nothing more to offer before. Why would anyone play it from now on when it has literally nothing special to offer?
              Now its just average and overall boring, at least to me.
              For every task there is, you can find a better alternative.
              I guess that’s what they wanted after all…

              1. hey dipshit let’s analyze your bad logic

                Badger: DPM – terrible tank with low alpha, massive weakspots. dpm is only good on paper or if idiot sit Infront of you.
                Jagdpz: Alpha – easily the worst td in game, perfect noob bait for unsuspecting players. gun is bad, dpm is avg, armor is unreliable and its huge
                E3: Armor – top tier td and was nerfed rightfully
                E4: Turret – its a glorified heavy pretending to be td, just go play e100/60tp you loser
                WZ (the buffed version): its like the nerfed V4 with a bit less armor, but better in every other way (see for yourself at tanks.gg) — dont know how it’ll be yet
                Minotauro: I won’t even bother with this one…

                “V4 (pre-nerf): Speed
                V4 (nerfed): Guess what, nothing” it was nerfed cause it was broken, it still had the armor of e3 but much faster. check tomato, its easily the highest winning td at tier 10 outside of that 114 thingy.

                mobility was stupid unrealistic ofc a low iq rat like you would like it
                the nerf is justified, seethe and cope you soycuck

                1. Wooah, look who’s got rammed in the face by a V4 in every 5th battle so far? No wonder why you took my words personally 😉

                  I got you bro, every tank has weaknesses, good job specifying them. Feels good you did your homework too.
                  You can banter all day, couldn’t care less until you can’t express your opinion in a civilized manner.

                  As for tomato, sure, the tank was broken, noone denies that. They just nerfed the wrong department, as usual.

                  1. For argument’s sake, an armor nerf that made the tank similar to SU-101 without harming its speed would’ve made sense – fast in a straight line for its class, but trash agility and the armor is not idiotproof. WG’s change removed the tank’s ability to rush down a flank, now people will have to be less aggressive if they want to play it (which is imho good, getting bumrushed is a huge pain in the ass and nobody but the rusher enjoys it).

                    1. Thank you for your kind response, I really do appreciate it.
                      Never thought of comparing it to the SU-101, but yeah, I had something similar in my mind.

                      You say it’s good that, “Now people will have to be less aggressive if they want to play it”; do you think they are (or will be) less aggressive now with the reduced speed but same idiotproof armor? Personally, I highly doubt so. They will arrive at “the scene” let’s say 10 seconds later, but regarding close quarters dogfight (where this tank should be), the tank plays exactly the same as before, thus fighting against it hasn’t change a single bit.
                      Correct me if I’m wrong, but reducing it’s armor would’ve actually forced players to be more careful, cause their tank is no longer idiotproof.
                      You time your “bumrush” wrong, and you won’t even reach your initial target. (The more paper the armor, the more players forced to be less aggressive. This statement however doesn’t work with speed.)

                      If WG and/or players wanted this tank to be played less aggressive, I genuinely don’t think it was the right choice to go down the mobility nerf path.

                      Take a loot at the IS-7, Obj 277, E50M, AMX 50B. They all have good mobility, but their armor doesn’t allow them to be recklessly yolo into crowds. Still, their weight makes them potentially good rammers, you have to time it right to be successful, cause if not, well, you are just dead.

                      That’s why I don’t understand (if) that the sole reason the V4 was nerfed because its ramming capabilities. If that’s the case, these mentioned tanks should expect a mobility nerf in the near future too?

          1. The tank was still too strong, its just that a lot of shitters play it so it gives it the illusion of being ok. In the hands of a good player, the v4 was a threat that could singlehandedly decide the outcome on a flank (given decent mm). The nerfed v4 is still good, just not as much. Even Controll, the premiere and probably one of the best and most prolific v4 players said that he still likes it.

            1. I’m not saying it’s not good. By losing it’s speed, but keeping the idiotproof armor makes no difference at the end of the day when we are talking about holding back a whole flank by itself. Maybe this way reds can’t even yolo themselves to death because they know they won’t even make it to the enemy with 40-45 top speed.
              I’m saying it’s not fun anymore. As I explained above, now it has nothing special. Why would anyone bother playing it when they removed the sole reason people played this tank in the first place?
              If they’ve kept the speed, but nerf the armor, that would’ve been justified by everyone. It’s not OP anymore, but still fun to play. Can keep its ramming potential, but gets punished if timed incorrectly. Idiotproof? Gone. Fun? Indeed.
              It’s the same as the Kranvagn nerf. Everyone was begging for it to have a weakspot. What did they do? Nerfed the top speed that noone asked for.
              And that’s what make me angry…

          2. It’s not FUN anymore, that’s my problem.

            You realize “not fun” means “not OP” here? I’m pretty sure you had lots of fun barrelling down a flank at 50/60 km/h while few could do something to stop you.

            So yeah, you’ll have to search the next OP toy. Good luck.

            1. My point remains the same. Instead of nerfing its speed, they could’ve just easily nerf the armor. It stays unique and yes, fun, and I doubt anyone would call it “OP” anymore if it would’ve lost a quarter of its armor.
              Look at IS-7. It has the same ramming capabilities, still noone thinks that thing is anywhere near OP because it has reasonable armor.
              WG fix things that weren’t broken, just by making tanks similar to each other, thus making unique and enjoyable tanks average at best in the end of the day.

              1. The speed or armor alone didnt make it unique, it was the fact that it has both. It STILL has both, its just more reasonable in both departments. Honestly when i took it out after the nerf, it literally felt the same. Sure it was slower but the core gameplay is the same, so if you didnt enjoy it before, you wouldnt enjoy it now. If you did, its literally the same gameplay.

                1. Well, personally, I wouldn’t consider a tank having good speed when it can’t reach more than 46 in a straight line. Maybe it’s just me, but anything under 50 base top speed feels too limited, aka “slow”. This is my experience. I just don’t enjoy anything below that. I’d much rather traded its armor instead of its speed. I didn’t like the tank because its core gameplay, but because of the ramming fun it could’ve had. I get it, it stays the same idiotproof wall at the end of the day, but that playstyle by itself offers no enjoyment to me.
                  Keeping its speed AND losing its armor would’ve made it a unique tank among other Assault TDs, but now, to me, its just another wasted opportunity.

                  1. Keeping speed and losing armor wouldve made it into a slightly faster but worse in every other way Ho-Ri. What im saying is that the armor-speed combo is what made it unique. Making its armor worse would destroy its niche. 46 is still quick for the armor it brings.

                    1. I agree that 46 (possible) top speed for its current armor is fairly reasonable.
                      Just as much as 56 (possible) top speed would be for, lets say 30-60mm less frontal armor. (To compare, one can make the IS-7 go 70 kph…)

                      I reckon WG had to decide to either make the V4 into a “slightly faster but worse in every other way Ho-Ri”, or into a “slightly faster but worse in every other way E3”. They’ve chosen the latter option, which we have currently.

                      About the “niche” part, is where I have to disagree.
                      As you mentioned, the armor-speed combo made the tank unique, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s 50-50 at this point. If it loses either one of it, it would destroy 50% of its niche, keeping the other 50% intact.
                      So to me, losing its armor is just as significant as losing its speed.

                      With its original 50 top speed, the V4 had something different from the other Assault TD’s.
                      Now with 40, tied with the buffed WZ, there are only 3 aspect the V4 has to offer above all the others:
                      Accuracy on the move (V4: 0.16 vs Jagdpz: 0.18)
                      Reverse speed (V4: 18 vs WZ: 16)
                      Power to weight ratio (V4: 16 vs Badger: 15.38)
                      For every other aspect, you can find at least one Assault TD, that is better. DPM, armor, accuracy, camo, view range, health, you name it.

                      My point is, it just became mediocre.
                      WG had a chance to make the V4 even more different, increasing the variety among these TD’s by keeping its speed and nerfing its armor.
                      But taking away the only thing that made it somewhat different, well, turned the tank into another copy of already existing tanks.

  2. oho, wargaming waking up
    you rarley see this things , like 1 or twice ever 5 years

  3. Better and more balance change could be welcome.
    Especially if it actually addresses the actual issues.
    Including OP premiums like the Bullzhit-176

  4. Idiotic WG staff still not understanding what they need to do to improve the gameplay.
    The tanks themselves are the least of the concerns:
    The pathetic +2-2 MM should be addressed.
    The cheated -25% RNG resulting in a factual -75% (-25 to aim, -25 to hit, -25 to pen…).
    The number of barillets, auto loaders, auto reloaders, double barrels BS tank, 7 to 8 in reach games in tiers 8 to 10
    The fact that people don’t enjoy lower tiers.
    The shitty map rotation and the cheated mais never fixed ( Mines and Tundra North side)
    And the more and more premium 9 and 10 having noobs rush in the illusion of shelter of top tiers and almost top tiers tanks this creating with all the above mentioned shitshow the usual 3/15 rapes that everyone weekend in tiers X games

    1. Everything except the t9 prems are retarded
      ±2 mm is fine
      RNG is fine
      Different play style is fine
      Map need a bit of tweak
      & I sure enjoy low tier to farm credit

  5. WG simply doesn’t have a clue how and what to do guys. Until they are earning bunch of money, they do not give a shit about player base and game at all.

  6. Balancing has been (one of) WG’s greatest weaknesses. Lets see how they do. But balancing tanks is one thing, the game itself is really long in the tooth with only a Randoms game mode to play after 12 years, while there are 600+ tanks in game now. WG needs to develop at least one more standard mode which is fun and brings something fresh and new to the game. Randoms are trash, toxic and stale on the same small corridor maps.

    1. The balancing team at WG is surprisingly competent, but every round of balance changes has a couple questionable buffs and nerfs among the usually solid balance changes. Also about Randoms, its clear that their strategy is to have events running constantly year long as a sort of rotating alternative to randoms, instead of splitting the randoms queue among 2 permanent game modes.

  7. If WG think the super conqueror is the strongest tank in the game then they seriously have no idea.
    Especially when their idea of nerfing is 5kph speed reduction 🤦🏼‍♂️

    1. Super conq is REALLY strong, its been played for years and is basically a slower chieftain. Have you never played comp? Even now you can play onslaught and count the sconqs

    2. S Conq is the best techtree … no other one has this armor, the gun stats, hp, (speed) … its basicly a chief for techtree … i mean look 7vs7 mode 75% only sconq …

    3. i can tell just by comment if the player is a red stat casual shitter or not

      back in 2016 wg buffed e5, it became super op. it was fast, armor was nuts, weakspot on top was hard to pen and it has a very good gun.

      then they nerfed it, but added it back in the form of super conq which has a even better gun, almost heat proof armor, no obvious weakspot on the top. before chieftain it was the best tank for comp

      1. “i can tell just by comment if the player is a red stat casual shitter or not,,

        What’s wrong with that. We can’t all be in the top 3%

  8. , the developers want to see a relatively frequent meta-change in the game in 2023-2025.
    As the closest example: Dota 2.

    That’s not for any reason other than to make more players have to buy more tanks more often to remain competitive

    1. Maybe you’re right. Maybe WG has figured out that they have a lot of tanks, so with a faster rebalance cycle they can cycle the meta-of-the-month tank and drain freexp faster, as well as iron out the problems their OPrems have caused.

  9. Just lower the premium ammo penetration and cost, make the damage higher and add 30-40% more ammo to all tanks.

  10. I guess there are no more ramming capable TDs after the V4 nerf. Unfortunate. If only they nerfed some other garbage such as weakspot armor and some DPM or something

    1. Well, if that was the initial plan, the IS-7, Obj 260, E50M, AMX 50B owners better prepare themselves to have their beloved tanks’ mobility get hit by the nerf hammer…

  11. I like their strategy with constant rebalancing – it’s healthy for the game (if executed properly). But they just need to grow balls to nerf premium tanks. Until then, the game will suffer the same issues.

    To everyone who’d say: “It’s not fair by them to nerf my BZ-176, I gave WG $200 for loot boxes…”: People, you need to understand that you are not buying a tank – you are renting it. WG can shut down the servers tomorrow and your beloved BZ-176 is gone forever. No one would care if you had spent 200, 500 or 1000 dollars in the last loot box event. And if on the next day the servers are up again, you may find your BZ-176 missing due to the tank getting deleted a.k.a. “data loss”.

    So WG have the complete right to change ANYTHING in their game – it’s not a physical property, it’s a bunch of pixels that are stored on THEIR servers. It’s just the awareness, they are lacking, and the fear that people won’t go as ham as they go now on every loot box event.

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