WoT: Leaks of Planned 1.22.1 Content

A general test of version 1.22.1 will take place at the end of September. Here is the planned list of changes for Patch 1.22.1. Important: This is a list of what was originally planned and what will be included in the update.

1. Frontline 2023: 3rd Edition

2. Mirny-13 Mode + Hangar + Tank + 3D Styles [will not be released with the update, planned for mid-October]

3. Prestige System [backtracked from last patch 1.22]

4. Bond shop update [backtracked from last patch 1.22]

5. Tank rebalance part 3 in 2023 [may be postponed]

6. 11/11 Event / World Shopping Day (Asia only?) [will not be released with the update, scheduled for November 11]

7. Combat Tips?

8. Other changes

source: WOT Express donators only article shared by rykoszet.info

14 thoughts on “WoT: Leaks of Planned 1.22.1 Content

  1. A general test of version 1.22.1 will take place at the end of September. Here is the planned list of changes for Patch 1.22.1. Important: This is a list of what was originally planned and what will be included in the update. I’m writing this so you can see what will be incorporated into features and what will be pushed back or not introduced at all. This is crucial for both us and your understanding.

    *quote from rykozet.info

  2. What is this ‘Prestige System’ and what does ‘backtracked from last patch 1.22’ mean? Same for Bond shop ‘backtracked from last patch 1.22’? What does that mean (something is lost in translation).

    1. Probably “deplayed” or “postponed”?
      The Prestige System aims for only one thing: create a new kind of “achievement” so people have more reasons to go sweaty tryhard.
      It encourages more seriousness in the game as it allows people to show off in a new way.
      And as we all know, more competitiveness -> more toxicity, so it’s not good for majority of the playerbase.
      In the same time, this system will benefit WG by a small margin since more people will go on serious mode -> they will pay more for the game. This number will not be significant and you might not even feel it.

      1. Thanks. I agree. 3 Marks and now this Prestige crap is just there to justify toxic tryharding, while being a major credit sink for WG, thus selling premium time. 3 marks ruined whatever balance there was in game, as everyone thinks they have to shoot full gold ammo and run premium consumables in the name of marking tanks, or competing with tryhards marking tanks. Total retarded crap on top of already numerous broken/OP tanks in game, and trash matchmaker.

        1. I honestly don’t think that having something to strive for is bad, and people enjoy the game differently, so saying the marking system is just bad is pretty unreasonable.
          Toxicity is inevitable in all PVP games with or without any kind of achievements, it’s just we all like to win and no one wants to lose.
          So even though I said it will be bad for majority of the playerbase, this negative effect will only affect the experience when you interact with other players and not your gameplay. Some more people might become easier to get mad as they play the game more seriously, nothing more than that.
          Those who are already trying to get marks on their tanks will keep playing the game the way they’re playing the game.
          If you feel that you can’t take all the toxicity that is unavoidable in a game like WoT and you want an even more casual gaming experience, then you might to try something else.
          I personally want to play AC6 very much but I have no time since there’s the fcking Onslaught that I have to grind unfortunately.

  3. world of tanks starts strategy of how to make players play an already dogshit infected pay 2 win game only to make them pay more because who dafuck gives a fuck about a dying game
    instead they could bring more contend , more tech trees , more maps
    but hey
    they lack content like there is no tomorrow
    not on premium or paid products tho
    dogshit company
    thats what it means to milk your game

    1. WoT doesn’t need more contents. The game has so many tanks that only a very small fraction of the playerbase manages to actually perform, while the rest keeps being very close to clueless for years even after playing tens of thousands of battles.
      What the game needs is better balance.
      The playerbase remains stable after so many years because the core gameplay, even though got so much worse, is still enjoyable. WoT is still very addictive to anyone who wants to play a tank game, and that’s why people keep playing, not because anyone intentionally does something to keep us playing.
      But the fact that WG has become such a disgustingly greedy company cannot be denied. They put so many broken things to milk us even at the cost of worsening the game.
      Almost every other game gets better with more updates, only some special games get the opposite.
      Sadly, WoT is one of those since WG now is getting closer to the level of Activision Blizzard.

  4. We better get something new in the bond shop tier ten wise . We got screwed out of the clan wars auction so they better give us something tier ten to spend bonds on . sigh

  5. They are screwing this game as fast as they can. I have never seen a game company mess up as much in such a short time. Everything they change makes it worse.

  6. The uncanny ability of the WOT playerbase to cry over literally everything never ceases to amaze me. Im all for calling them out when they do stupid stuff, but god damn even a post like this that has literally nothing worth complaining about has people tight and bawling their eyes out. Shits wild.

    1. Nobody plays frontline. No good rewards.
      Each team is only 10 players so it’s either a quick win or quick loss.
      Oh.. just like random battles

      1. Is this legit? On EU?
        I mean, when Steel Hunter round 2 came around a couple weeks back, everyone demanded Frontline because “it’s the only fun game mode, better map, better abilities, you can farm credits, not boring, not complicated, etc.”, but in the end it turns out all of that was just about the rewards?
        If this is the case, I don’t even try to understand these people anymore…

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