WoT RU: Auction Summary

The auction was back with three unique tanks, 2 completely new vehicles, and one that is already in the game was available on the RU server.

Lot #1: TL-7 (USA, Tank Destroyer, tier IX)

Thanks to its good mobility, this machine is able to quickly occupy key positions. Poor armor won’t let you feel safe on the front line, but the full-rotation turret, convenient loading magazine, and high shooting comfort make it possible to effectively support allied medium and heavy tanks at medium and long distances.

The minimum bid of the RUBY region for the 1st auction lot TL-7 was: 20,000 gold (minimum).

This means that all the tanks were simply NOT sold out.

Lot #2: T42 (USA, Medium Tank, Tier VIII)
Balanced in terms of security, mobility and firepower, an American tank. Like other US vehicles, it has good stabilization and high-pressure guns. A special feature is increased one-time damage and a strong tower. The main purpose of the machine is an active battle “from the terrain” at the forefront of the confrontation.

The minimum bid of the RUBY region for the 2nd auction lot T42 was: ~18,200,000 credits.

Participated: 18,059 players.
All tanks (10,000) were sold out.

Lot #3: WZ-111 model 6 (China, Heavy tank, Tier VIII)

The hull of the Chinese WZ-111 provides good all-round armor and good mobility for a heavy vehicle. Tower of the Czechoslovak Vz. 51 gives you excellent forehead protection and the ability to mount a comfortable 105mm gun that combines a high rate of fire and decent burst damage. The tank is most effective in confrontations at close and medium distances.

The minimum bid of the RUBY region for the 3rd auction lot WZ-111 model 6 was: ~17,719 gold.

Participated: 7806 players.
All tanks (5,000) were sold out.


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    1. I guess reading is hard. If you bothered to actually read the article instead of looking at pictures like a child you’d see that it reads TWO NEW ranks and ONE EXISTING tank. Don’t comment on shit you have a half baked opinion on

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