WoT: Battle Pass Season XII Rewards

Battle Pass Season XII will take us into Mirny-13 this autumn, and will be available from September 6 through November 22. The progressive styles for its Core Vehicles will ensure they are ready to face the unknown, while its heroes’ story will be a prequel to the Mirny-13 tale. Expect great loot that includes bounty and Experimental Equipment, lucrative Challenges, and more. Season XII is the last this year, so don’t forget to turn your Tokens into reward tanks or other valuables before December 20!

Earn Base and Improved Rewards

Mirny-13 is a place that is in many ways abnormal, but those who dare to explore it are rewarded—with themed vehicle customization items and a whole load of other valuables.

Earn Experimental Equipment
Every Season, you receive Experimental Equipment for completing each Chapter—on top of a finalized progressive style and a unique crew member. Mount it on vehicles or disassemble it for components to upgrade other units of Experimental Equipment.

Items for Tokens

Tokens are a special reward currency exclusive to Battle Pass which accumulate over the course of the year. In Season XII, you can earn up to 21 Tokens as Progression rewards (12 as Base Rewards and nine as Improved Rewards), plus up to three more for gathering Collection Elements. Spend Tokens in the Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store on valuable goodies, such as Bounty Equipment and nine rare Tier IX vehicles including the BZ-58-2, the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK, and the Cobra. Don’t forget to spend your Tokens by December 20; after that date, they will be converted into bonds.

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