WoT Supertest: IT-3

The IT-3 is a Tier IV Soviet medium tank.

The project was designed in the 1930s, but never had the opportunity to leave it’s blueprint pages.

The vehicle was historically conceived as a “destroyer tank,” so the plan was to use a short-barreled 76mm gun, which is quite powerful for its class. The same gun is featured on the in-game model, dishing out 110 HP of damage per shot with a penetration of 68mm and maintaining a dispersion of 0.45m at 100m.

9 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: IT-3

  1. Derp-derp-derpy-derp-derp. With this shell velocity you won’t hit a thing! I guess this will be one of the filler tanks for the Christmas Lootboxes.

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