WoT RU: Reworked Stalingrad Map


• Technical name: 500_stalingrad (Stalingrad)
• Combat mode: Standard battles only
• Size: 950x950m
• Map type: summer
• Setting: The city of Stalingrad on the eve of the events of the Great Patriotic War

“Dense urban development, most of the elements of which will do as cover for positional battles. The narrow streets make it relatively safe to change flanks. The coastline of the Volga is convenient for placing fragile sniper self-propelled guns, but even within the city blocks, thanks to the many shelters, any vehicle will find a use for itself.

11 thoughts on “WoT RU: Reworked Stalingrad Map

    1. Battle of Stalingrad / Volgograd has great significance for whole Europe, nevermind… I know you are a troll, but anyway, it is not the map fault that there is a war in UA.

      1. :There is no troll
        This heavily Lesta/Russia worked map never ever come to WOT NA or WOT EU even if likes it. They changed their garage into recently Russian Military based garage.

        NA/EU content stay NA/EU Content

  1. I hope “putin funded” WOT RU Map does come to NA/EU

    because it’s objective a well designed map that would be nice to have for randoms, which is funny since normally I believe that city maps are bad for gameplay and generally unfun for even the types of vehicles that benifit from them the most (I’m looking at you Himmelsdorf)

  2. This new Stalingrad looks fabulous gameplay-wise! Kinda gives me the same vibe as Big Ensk. I hope WG also go ahead (in the future) and bring it to WoT EU/NA/ASIA. Though, I doubt it, because Lesta and WG are doing everything possible to distinguish themselves and their games from each other, which is justified but not needed in my opinion.

    1. I say no – seeing the recent changes like they did with Soviet Union Russia “War like” garage – This map shall not come to NA/EU Ever

    2. Until Ukraine & Russia War comes to an end – never will happen, WG are Belarus Company their Country is a Putin puppet junta in disguise, and the Russian War is much to close to home for comfort (unlike UK & EU that aren’t seeing 100,000s getting killed or much worse, i know inconvenient huh! well War is worse than inconvenient

  3. I always liked the old Stalingrad. In general I like maps where the face-off area isn’t defined by one or two WG-designed strongpoints with a death zone in between. This looks like it goes in that direction again, to some extent at least.

  4. Mostly play MT/LTs, so this map was pretty meh for me. At least it doesn’t feel as small as Paris. Maybe they should bring back Dragon’s Ridge, lol! That was brutal when grinding my top tier T95.

    Hope they get a decent balance on the update and good to see more maps in rotation.

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