WoT Supertest: Tiger II (T)

This week’s Supertest addition is the Tiger II (T), a Tier VII German heavy tank.


Inheriting the iconic angled shape of the King Tiger, the machine features a well-performing 88 mm gun known for its high armor penetration (203 mm for AP shells and 237 mm for APCR shells) that delivers 240 HP of damage per shot.

The Tiger’s view range is 380 meters, while the vehicle can accelerate up to 38 km/h.

All-in-all, the Tiger II (T) is a well-protected all-purpose heavy tank that can utilize its good armor to either actively push through enemy defenses or take a comfortable position to hold off incoming fire.

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16 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Tiger II (T)

  1. worse dpm and dispersion than the ktc but better aim time hmm maybe it is the well deserved reward? otherwise i dont see a point on this

  2. Yay better than the tiger ii at their 8.
    Teir 7 is where tiger ii should be.
    I’d buy this one 😁😁

    1. Tier 8 tech tree Tiger II, after the substantial buffs to its DPM, Alpha and armour, is one of the best tech tree Tier 8s currently. It no longer has its historical armour (like the Tier 7 variant), but for the game, its a very good, if not one of the best tech tree Tier 8s.

  3. well, the only one thing that bugs me here (well, and on VK 45.03 …): why not give it the same 8.8 KwK as the tech tree Tiger (280 alpha …). reload should be a bit lower to compensate for the better armor and it would be fine.

    all in all: I like playing KT(c) but missed out buying it after it was removed from Amazon Prime (hrmpf!!).

    if the price is reasonable, I for one would consider this beauty!

  4. I wonder if this will end like the never released Jagdtiger prototype (a stock Jagdtiger at Tier 8).

  5. Is this the King Tiger (H) that has been floating around for a few years now? The H being lost in translation for a T. Some minor stats are changed, is that why it is in Supertest again if it is the H?

  6. 56k games, stats gathered for 2 years for all battles, tiers Vii games all types together
    1327 games
    Top tier +2 vs V and Vi 8%
    Middle tier +1 vs Vi and-1 Vs Viii 23%
    Unique tiers Vii 3%
    Bottom tier -1 vs Viii. 42%
    Bottom tier -2 vs Viii and IX 24%
    So fuck you WG, tiers IX light will auto open even with farts. Tiers Vii is most unbalanced tier ever, until the make the MM +/-1 forget about it

    1. That wouldn’t solve it. The cause of what you described is the uneven distribution of the tiers compared to eachother. Having +/-1 tier battles would make your charts look like this:
      Middle tier +1 vs Vi and-1 Vs Viii 30%
      Unique tiers Vii 10%
      Bottom tier -1 vs Viii. 60%

      It’s because the MM is strongly restricted against waiting time forcing you to not so nice battles just for be in a battle.

      On the other hand, the MM is also skewed against your performance. The more battles you win, the more likely you’ll end up in the bottom tier to balance out your impact.

      1. Yeah, don’t play for fun or enjoyment! just load that 100% Gold ammo loadout play in only OP Tanks and farm everyone like there is no Tomorrow ~ that’s your mistake Steph fun and enjoyment in WOT is for losers …………

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