WoT: Frontline Is Back With the Twist of Fate Scenario!

Your 2023 Frontline journey continues with Episode 2, which will run from August 28 at 7:00 CEST through September 4 at 4:00 CEST (UTC+2). It comes with an additional Combat Reserves Level, a new battle scenario, Twist of Fate, and several balance improvements. And, of course, with attractive rewards! Get ready for large-scale battles and new gameplay experiences!


General Rules

The second Episode will drastically change the Combat Reserve selection system; however, the basic rules of Frontline remain the same. We’re sure you remember them, but here’s a small summary just in case:

  • Battle format: 30v30.
  • Vehicles: Tier VIII vehicles.
  • Objectives: Five high-caliber guns at the rear of the defending team’s territory. The attacking team must destroy three of them. The defenders must protect these objectives by repelling enemy attacks until the battle time elapses.
  • Maps: Normandie, Kraftwerk, and Fata Morgana.

Additional Combat Reserve Level

The addition of a fourth Level to Combat Reserves is only for the Twist of Fate experimental scenario.

To make Frontline gameplay more exciting and provide you with even more tactical variety, we’ve added a fourth Level to all Combat Reserves. To improve them to Level 4, you need to purchase Reserves before entering battle using Combat Reserve Points. Simply head to the Frontline Garage and select the ones you find most useful in combat!

When activated in battle, these Reserves will be Level 2, and you can upgrade them to Level 4.

All three default Combat Reserves (Artillery Strike, Recon Flight, and Inspire) will be upgraded to Level 2 from the start, so you can save your Points for your favorite Reserves.

Twist of Fate: A New Combat Reserve Selection Scenario

Previously, you had to manually select Combat Reserves in your Garage before entering a Frontline battle. The Twist of Fate scenario introduces a new system in which a random selection of Combat Reserves will be available for choosing in battle.

Now, placing Reserves in slots does not guarantee that they will be available during battle. When you reach the Ranks where Reserves are unlocked, you will be offered a choice of two Random Combat Reserves of a random category and vehicle type. This choice will be repeated until all three Reserve slots are filled.

Placing Combat Reserves in slots before battle increases their chance of being available for selection by 10%.If luck is on your side, you may be able to select the same Reserve more than once. If this Reserve has an active effect, such as Airstrike, it will be placed in a different slot, so you can even fill all three slots with the same Reserve. You can use these duplicated Reserves independently during battle, and each of them will have its own cooldown. One exception is the passive Engineering Reserve. When it is selected more than once, your Engineering Reserves merge into one slot and gain enhanced parameters.

Activating Combat Reserves

Some Combat Reserves can be activated at the same time, while others only work in succession.

The Reserves you choose apply throughout the battle to all the vehicles you play in. The Combat Reserve cooldown doesn’t change after your vehicle is destroyed.


As always, we’ve prepared a host of attractive rewards for you in Frontline. The new Episode is a great opportunity to earn up to four pieces of Experimental Equipment, a choice of directives, bonds, Retraining Orders, and a universal Training Manual. Participate in intense 30v30 clashes on colossal maps and grab all these goodies!

Other Balance Changes

To make the gameplay in Frontline even more entertaining, we’ve also made the following balance adjustments:

  • The survivability of high-caliber gun turrets has been increased to 3,500 HP.
  • The capture time of the zones in the first line on all Frontline maps has been increased to 170 s.
  • Other minor changes have also been made.

Get ready for large-scale battles and new gameplay experiences, Commanders!

4 thoughts on “WoT: Frontline Is Back With the Twist of Fate Scenario!

  1. Random reserves? It is almost they are saying, “you are not giving these other reserves a chance, so we will force you to use them.”

    1. (5′′R)-4′,5′-Dimethoxy-5′′-(prop-1-en-2-yl)-4′′,5′′-dihydrofuro[2′′,3′′:7,8]rotenan-4-one says:

      Yes because artillery and recon plane are the only two useful ones.

  2. Haha, adding RNG to the limited tactical decisions players get to select. Will be fun when someone RNGs 3xartillery draw.

    Next they will randomly draw a tank from your garage too with random consumables!

    WG finally realizes the older FL was good…but still won’t leave it alone.

  3. This new choose reserves is rubbish.
    Stupid pop up takes up half the screen when I’m playing and is so annoying and distracting.

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