WoT: Update 1.22.1 Release Dates

The release of update 1.22.1 is scheduled for October 18 in the morning.

Release dates (by region):
ASIA: October 16
NA: October 17
EU: October 18

New mod directories: ./mods/ and ./res_mods/

source: WOT Express

Most likely this patch will contain the “Waffenträger” event.

5 thoughts on “WoT: Update 1.22.1 Release Dates

  1. There gotta be a mistake here, the Waffenträger event starts in September, not in October. Maybe you meant to say Mirny?

  2. This should be for Mirny event, it’s literally 2 weeks before Halloween. And the WT event (ft. Loot boxes of course) should be around mid September, I guess.

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