WoT: Auction Event Rumours

According to WOT Express tank auctions are still on the calendar of upcoming plans with at least one new tank.

For all regions (but probably with delays). Initially, the auctions were planned to appear in August. However, probably it got re-scheduled and will be released only at the end of this year.

Plans that appeared at the beginning of the year have changed. More tanks were planned to appear at the auction itself than before. All this was delayed and moved to a later date.

source: WOT Express Donators only article shared by rykoszet.info

39 thoughts on “WoT: Auction Event Rumours

  1. Yes, exactly what we want, but first we need a Lootbox event, right?
    What a year for WG, simply incredible =))))))))))

    1. If you have a problem, issue, hate the game, hate WG etc
      Just uninstall.
      Is it really that fucking difficult?!
      Apparently so ….

    2. This kind of reply just shows how ignorant you are.
      No matter how much you like or even love the game, it doesn’t make WG any better.
      I’m making fun of how they’re treating people like you, their cash cows.
      Should I repeat what you said?
      If you don’t like it, why do you even reply to me? Just don’t read.
      Is it really that fucking difficult?! =))))))))))))))))

      1. And is your whining on a semi-unknown blog supposed to make WG better?

        If you want the game to change, forward your proposals to WG, reach out to community contributors so they can pass your message to their bosses, and so on. You won’t get anything if all you do is type dirt in an unlit corner of the internet.

        1. If you find this type of comment bothering then unfortunately, I can’t help you.
          I type something here just because I can, it is allowed to do, nothing more than that =))))
          Do you seriously think that I want to anyhow impact the game?
          What was you even thinking? It’s WG that we’re talking about.
          Nobody can change anything, CCs included.
          The last time they changed something that is NOT their intention was the Crew Rework. You forgot that?
          What did it take and why did they change their plan? I assume you have memory.
          Some people here find my coments disturbing but they’re totally fine with the fact that WG is trading their gaming experiences for money =)))))
          Once again, if you don’t wanna see this then I can’t help. Just don’t read.

          1. Where were you when videogames shifted to a paid live service style of marketing? It has plagued the industry for what, well over a decade? And it’s not just niche crap like WoT or phone games, look at major publishers like Ubisoft and Blizzard (the latest stunt is selling new games for 79,99€/USD, what was that about premium tanks costing more than AAA games?). Don’t act like any of WG’s actions is something new, because it isn’t, they’ve been pushing the bar higher and higher and they keep their profits high so for one of you that complains there’s thousands who don’t care one bit.

            I don’t mind about these auctions and such. Personally I believe far more important things need to change for World of Tanks to be more enjoyable, but I’m done trying to hope for WG to do anything worth a damn. A friend of mine has been talking smack about WG for years, he’s been right all this time.

          2. Bruh CCs were literally involved in Chief and 279 nerf. I dont think you know that much about stuff you talk about.

            1. Wow, you know something? Tell me then?
              I know nothing than the fact that these 2 tanks have been farming the Random Queue for many years, almost everyone hates them except a few super special beings.
              With the increasing in number of appearance they make in the Random Queue, it has become a serious problem for the MM and overall gaming experience of everyone.
              There’s a rumor that WG wants to put the Chief in the rewards of every Campaign but it will not be the case as the upcoming nerf is too little to address the issue.
              CCs surely can influence people, but to make some impacts to the game? Only when WG fucks up so hard that they feel the need of solving their mess in order to keep the community happy enough, so that people will continue to buy their shits.
              I really wanna know more so plz enlighten me if there are some other secrets that haven’t been revealed yet.

      2. Bought several tanks at the auctions… Not spent a single cent. As I have nothing else to spend free XP or silver on. These events are all that we can spend on. So we don’t object to it tbh. As I got the IS-3A last time for silver, or the T-22 for silver. As long as they have silver options, it’s a nice addition. Lootboxes? Well, depends on how you look at it. But I doubt the f2p aspect of WOT would still be a thing after a decade if they only sold skins or the same six 2011 premiums like most want them to do. Boxes sell, just the way it is.

        But even if you repeat what he said, it still seems you did not like his reply, but still replied. Maybe it is difficult.

  2. It seems to say that theres one new tank without wt12 so idk if that’s a bad translation or if it means 1 new tank besides the wt12 ( because it’s technically not new )

  3. I don’t get why WG tries to shove the WT E 100 back into the game, that thing was completely broken.

    1. because it was at that time but now it isnt anymore .ç
      They tried it in the waffentrager event and it wasnt broken at all, there are far worse tanks

      1. No tank in this game can do 3k damage in a few seconds, that is what makes WTF broken. And “broken” does not mean “OP”, WTF is completely different from Chieftain, Vz 55, and so on.

        1. You forget how much the game has changed since the WTF100 was taken out. Much of the legend is based upon mechanics since been changed like the distribution in the aiming circle. Back in the WTF100’s days at least 50% of the shots went into the bullseye, making 500m snapshots a thing. There were 3 rebalance/nerf of that distribution since. Other things have been changed too. There are a lot more powerful tanks in the game, especially in the range that means the most danger to a WTF100: T8-10 lights, Wheelies, faster loading+more accurate artillery…

          So no. WTF is not broken anymore. Not even OP. It would be an XP pinata for lightst, arta and everyone in general with good HE rounds.

          1. It still can be broken and I ll give you an example. If you analyze the situation properly, you can hunt down loner tanks. In a similar fasion i do it with Foch B…and it works. Its not Op bit defo anger some monkeys that decide to play without support. Wt can be even more powerful in that regard.

            But I m okay with it, for me it represents a challenge when I face the beast. Like “how do i outplay Minotauro if he holds a spot” kinda thing.

            1. I like your point with “facing a challenge”-like attitude towards OP tanks, but my issue with WT E100 is that you are being sniped across the map from a WT auf Pz. 4, 2s later another WT auf Pz. 4… aaand 3 more WT auf Pz. 4-s. Depending on the situation, tank’s reverse speed and player’s reaction time, you can take cover in 3-5 s, so you’ll get shot 2-3 times and will lose 1120 – 1680 hp on average. This is an entire tier 8, 60-90% of a tier 9 and 50-70% of a tier 10.

              If you catch the WT E100 on realod, he’ll have a hard time escaping and you will trash him with HE, of course. So this tank is by no means OP, it’s simply toxic.

              1. See? That’s what I’m talking about… You speak about the old WTF100. The last WTF100 had 5 shots and didn’t hit all of them. You still can F it like they did with Grille and give it horrible dispersion after firing. This tank can be sold only by it’s name. They can even troll it and fuse the 150mm on it for fun which wasn’t OP at all even at it’s peak…

  4. So, let’s sum up what we’ll have had by the end of the year:
    – 4 lootbox events:
    + Shamrock days – Ka-Ri, clone SU-130PM;
    + Mars event – TL-7;
    + Waffentrager event – my bets are UDES 03 alt 3 and TlTT or Udarniy (God forbid!);
    + Holiday Ops 2024 – Type 63 and maybe Obj. 752 with sth else of course).
    – 2 Assembly shops (Lion and KPz 07 PE);
    – 2 Auctions (if this rumour comes out true) – clone Progetto 46, clone 121B, T54 Heavy and K-2 so far.

    I think they’ve outdone themselves so far. I cannot imagine what they will bring us in 2024.
    And that’s not crying, just stating objective facts and drawing conclusions.

    1. We’ll also likely see something for Gamescom, the event starts this Wednesday and AFAIK WG has never missed it as a chance to sell more game content.

      I would also look at the assembly events in a different way – getting the tanks by paying is possible but very inefficient and IMHO not the point of said events. Rather, the point is to drain accounts of resources and shift the economy in WG’s favor.

      1. You are right about the assembly shop events, but I look at them like so: WG drain your resources (including gold), so you don’t have enough for auctions/black markets/trading caravans and in order to have a competitive bid for the desired new premium tank, you need to buy some gold – pure profit. Look at what happened in February – just after the end of Lion’s assembly shop, the almighty Auction was announced – quite a lot people didn’t have enough free XP for the Lion so spent gold as well and in trder to be competitive in the auction, they had to buy gold. Oh, and also convert free XP if they didn’t have the Deathstar and wanted it.

        1. You still have the choice not to take part and or not spend any money.
          If you’re good enough you’ll still be competitive and if you’re shit player no op tank will make you any better.

          1. I agree 100% – I don’t take part of any of these events. I was only wondering whether or not to assemble the KPz 07 P(E) but I decided not to, because I have 22k bonds and 550k free XP – not enough, had to use around 15M credits as well. I’m an OK-ish player with 1400 – 1700 recent WN8 and 52-55% WR (depending on the session) and I have only one high tier premium – KV-5, which I bought for 8k bonds. So, yeah, I’ll wait to see what the possible Auction will have to offer, until then, I’m keeping all resources for myself. Except for progressing in the tech trees, of course.

        2. That’s the meaning of what I said in the other comment. Dedicated players can amass a huge amount of resources, which makes them less interested in buying stuff and WG does not like that. By regularly eating up those resources via timed events WG ensures these people might be more inclined to buy game content.

          1. Yep. Many players have 10s of millions of credits and people ask why other players use premium ammo all the time… Because they can afford to

            1. In all fairness, I was dried from credits in May/June when the last consumables’ sale took place. Since then I managed to gather 35M credits until the end of the anniversary sales. And in the meantime I got from VK 30.02 M to Leopard 1 and from M4A3E8 to T69, when they were Top of the Tree. So that’s around 6-7M credits more.

    1. That’s the most overhyped premium ever, I don’t get why they don’t just sell it now and again like the Borat.

      1. EBR’s strength comes not only from being a wheelie, but from the 2-shot autoloader, which has proved to be the best type of autoloader (see Vz. 55, Skoda T56, Bourrasque), other than the reverse autoreloader (like IS-3A’s). Also, the 75 mm HE pen is devastating for other LTs with 520 dmg in 1.5 s.

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