WoT Console: Flamethrower Tanks

Your enemies are about to feel the heat. Master a new mechanic with the game’s first Premium flamethrower tank!

During World War II, Allied forces fielded a vehicle that served as the predecessor of the well-known Churchill Crocodile flamethrower tank.

Today, that tank is here to help lay the foundation for the new flamethrower tanks in World of Tanks Modern Armor. Take a look at the British Tier V Churchill Oke Heavy Tank!

Gameplay Tips

What’s great about this vehicle?

  • The first Premium flamethrower, which you can try out at Tier V
  • Long-lasting and high-damage flames
  • Fast-firing main gun with good penetration

Let’s get into the specifics.

Like the TVP VTU Koncept (which will receive its flamethrower on August 15th), the Oke sports a hull-mounted flamethrower as a secondary weapon, which means that it uses the Multiple Weapon System mechanic.

Unlike the TVP VTU, the Oke has only vertical pitch aim (the TVP VTU has limited yaw and pitch axis aim). This means that to aim the Oke’s flamethrower left or right, you’ll need to turn and aim the tank’s chassis.

You can read more about how flamethrowers work in general in our flamethrower game guide.

It takes practice, but those who master this tank will be well rewarded. The Oke’s flame lasts the longest of any of the flamethrower tanks coming in the near future and has high flame damage. This gives you plenty of time to inflict tons of damage and torch multiple enemies nearby.

Keep in mind that the flame gun is designed for close-range encounters, with a range of about 95 meters. Not in a good position to set the battlefield on fire? Switch to your quick-firing main weapon to support your team!

Churchill_Oke_Screenshot_-_Armor_Viewer.scale-100 Churchill_Oke_Screenshot_-_1.scale-100 Churchill_Oke_Screenshot_-_2.scale-100 Churchill_Oke_Screenshot_-_3.scale-100

Tank Characteristics: Churchill Oke

  • Matchmaking: Plays up to Tier VII
  • Silver Bonus: 40%
  • Tank XP Bonus: 40%
  • Hit Points: 900
  • Engine Power: 350 hpr
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 8.92
  • Speed Limit: 25.7 km/h
  • Reverse Speed: 14 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 24 deg/sec
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 36 deg/sec
  • Gun Depression: 10 deg
  • Gun Elevation: 20 deg
  • View Range: 350 m
  • Signal Range: 570 m

Primary Weapon QF-2 PDR MK.X-B

  • Penetration: 121/145
  • Damage: 55/55
  • Aim Time: 1.7
  • Accuracy: 0.36
  • Rate of Fire: 37.5 rounds/min
  • Reload Time: 1.6 sec
  • Damage Per Minute: 2,063
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 150 rounds
  • Shell 1 Type/Speed: AP/1,341
  • Shell 2 Type/Speed: APCR/1,341

Secondary Weapon ATO-200 Flamethrower:

  • Penetration: 100mm
  • Armor Damage: 14HP
  • Module Damage: 7HP
  • Aim Time: 1.60
  • Accuracy: 0.38
  • Rate of Fire: 426.04 rounds/min
  • Reload Time: 5 sec
  • Shots Per Clip: 120
  • Intra-Clip Reload: 0.10 sec
  • Damage Per Minute: 1,680
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 1,100 rounds
  • Shell 1 Type/Speed: FLAME/75

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