WoT: Roadmap Highlights – Update 1.22


There are many awesome new and modified vehicles, modes, and features to try out, so come join us for the ride! The new branch of wheeled British medium tanks is one of the most interesting things to enter the game soon. It sprouts from its tree rather low, at the Cruiser IV medium tank, and contains six vehicles that play in a similar and distinct manner, sharing the same pedigree. The top-tier Concept No.5 is the epitome of the branch going after the same tactical niche as the Leopard 1 and the CS-63.

Update 1.22 is scheduled to release on September 6th (Wed) in the morning.

Release dates (by region):
ASIA: September 4th
NA: September 5th
EU: September 6th

New mod directories: ./mods/ and ./res_mods/


During this game event, you can receive an additional reward by:

  • Logging in to the game website.
  • Clicking the “GET REWARD!” button.
  • Opening the game client to claim your reward!

7 thoughts on “WoT: Roadmap Highlights – Update 1.22

  1. took them more than half a year to implement some another stupid idiotic tech tree line

  2. Anyone knows what this “Log in to the website, click “GET REWARD”, claim prize” thing is? Or when it’ll go live?

    1. Jesus..
      The update is not until another month.
      So of course you won’t see any reward yet.

      1. Of course! I’m asking, because they put this info on every post, related to the Roadmap Highlights video, so I thought it’s not directly related to 1.22.

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